Marriage Equality Is One Giant Debacle In Kansas Right Now

marriage news watchGood news: marriage equality has come to Kansas! Except that it hasn’t, exactly.

The whole situation is terribly confusing, so we’re going to boil it down into the basics of what you need to know: a judge has ruled earlier this month that the state’s marriage ban is unconstitutional, which is great. It took a few weeks for that ruling to go into effect, and there have been a flurry of briefs and rulings and appeals and press conferences since then, but the end result is that thirty(ish) counties are now issuing marriage licenses, and nine(ish) are refusing. It’s hard to get an exact count because everyone seems to be constantly changing their mind. As one famous Kansan once said, “people come and go so quickly around here.”

Everything was so much more straightforward and orderly in Montana and South Carolina last week. Those states just flipped all at once from no-marriage to yes-marriage, adding 8.8 million people to the total U.S. population with marriage equality.

Kansas’ miserable Governor Sam Brownback, that oozing toad, is appealing the decision, but he’ll fail. He knows he’ll fail. His underlings know he’ll fail. Why is he dragging out the litigation, wasting money, and putting LGBT families at risk? Because he is terrible, that’s why. Sorry, Kansas.

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