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Martin Luther King’s Kids Finally Settle On How to Cash In On Dad’s Dreams


Because having children wasn’t the norm among our gay civil rights leaders, it might be another generation or two before we see the children of those men and women squabbling over their estates. But when it comes to Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids? That’s their legacy! But finally, some common ground:

Coretta and Martin’s kids Martin Luther King III, Bernice King, and Dexter King took 15 hours yesterday to reach a settlement over how to manage their father’s assets, including his intellectual property. AJC: “Under the settlement, a third-party custodian will be brought in temporarily to run King Inc., the corporation that controls the use of their father’s papers, intellectual property and materials. The move effectively pushes aside Dexter King, who now serves as president of King Inc.”


The divide was between Martin III and Bernice (Team 1) and Dexter (Team 2) and, like most disputes, was all about money and power. As head of King Inc., Dexter wrested control of dad’s estate, and had his brother and sister claiming shady wrongdoings. After all, there are millions at stake: $32 million from the sale of Dr. King’s papers to the city of Atlanta, an $800,000 foundation licensing deal, plus movie and book deals.

If Cleve Jones moves fast, he can leave a similar legacy to his loved ones!

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  • alan brickman

    This is sad….All Civil Rights Leaders should “eat their young”….

  • Fitz

    Coretta has been such a wonderful supporter of GLBT rights.

  • J. Clarence

    Eh. Money does that to people. And why does Cleve Jones have to move fast? His he on his death bed?

  • Tim in Texas

    The amazing King’s raised several spoiled brats – non of which have any ability to run a multimillion dollar estate.

    Sad to see that all his money will spent to support their lifestyle of luxury while black America is struggling in the biggest of ways right now.

    As far as Rev. Bernice, too bad she didn’t fall of a cliff at an early age. She is one homophobic ranting dumb b***ch.

  • terrwill

    Tim in Texas: I wasn’t sure about Bernice. However I do know that one of the sons is also a rabid homophobe, I think it is MLKjr. Has made many disgusting comments regarding our causes………Pathetic

  • afrolito

    What exactly does this story have to do with gay issues? Just another lame excuse for this blog to slam black people.

  • Fitz

    @Afrolito– who the heck is slamming black people? I think it’s only vaguely relevant also, but I don’t think it is a slam. I repeat what I said above, though– Coretta is one of my heros, and she has repeatedly put it on the line for GLBT’ers.

  • vincjustin

    why can’t we respond to each other’s comments anymore?

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