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Maryland Not Down With Marriage, But Like Unions

Maryland’s split! A little more than half of Maryland-based Americans oppose same-sex marriage. More than half of the state’s residents, however, approve of the less sacred “civil union”.

51 percent said they oppose allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, and 44 percent said they support changing the law to allow that.

But Marylanders are far more open to the idea of allowing gay and lesbian couples to form civil unions, giving them some of the same legal rights as married couples. Fifty-seven percent support civil unions; 39 percent oppose them.

Apparently the Free State residents can’t free their minds from traditional definitions.

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  • Matt

    Oh, I just ADORE having my fundamental personal rights put up for a popular vote…Seems so cozy, letting my neighbors decide how much I should be permitted to be a full citizen.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Yes, Matt. You know that when CT developed what Canadian blogs termed the “CT CANARD”, I knew that they were correcting what they didn’t get right the first time in VT.

    VT “civil unions” did not provide all of the state benefits. Then MA got full marriage and the anti-gay foes realised that they had to amend the CT statute to create a true Plessy v Ferguson solution on the state level.

    When MA kept marriage despite many attempts to unionise them instead, the foes and by that I mean the DLC DINO’s who include Frank without a marriage licence, brought the CT CANARD to the state of NJ, poised for marriage and the state of NH as well. They are also poised, in order to help the DLC candidates and the neocons poised to win their seats gerrymandered by Tom DeLay, to give MD the CT CANARD TOO.

    Here is why it is difficult to get marriage after you get the full boar civil union in the CANARD. The arguement given to GLAD lawyers is that the State SCOTUS’ are saying just give them laws “equal” and they have it, albeit separate. Like Plessy the lie was separate but EQUAL, when we know, Matt, that it is UNEQUAL on any measure.

    Many good gay and lesbian legal minds in two countries begged the respondents to refuse civil unions and to insist upon total equality.

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