Matt Sanchez Speaks Out!

Gayville’s a buzzin’ with news that conservative hero Matt Sanchez worked in gay porn. Well, since we first posted on Joe.My.God’s findings, there have been a few updates. First, good old Andy Towle says he and Sanchez used to date. Some sleuths uncovered Sanchez’s old escort page – he apparently specializes in leather work (NSFW, obviously). And, perhaps the most exciting development, Joe’s secured an interview with Sanchez. Unfortunately Sanchez has exams right now, so it’ll post tomorrow. Sad, yes, but perhaps you can tide yourself over with this email sent from Sanchez to Joe:

Wow, who knew a little award and a couple of pictures would get me all this attention? Death threats, hate mail and plenty of strangers who want to be my “friend”–and it’s not even 4 pm!!! I’m going to be writing a piece and posting it on this site by tomorrow. You’ll forgive me for the delay, but between this week’s midterms, my full-time job and working out at the gym, there’s just not enough time in the day.

Sounds like Sanchez is a busy man. Something tells us, however, things are only going to get worse. Sure, tons of people may be out for his blood, but we’re sure it’ll pay off in the end, by which we mean he’ll be offered a lucrative book deal a la Mike Jones.