Maybe Amy Winehouse Died Because She Didn’t Do Enough Drugs

Waiting for the toxicology results of recently deceased bi-crooner Amy Winehouse has given folks lots of time to speculate about her cause of death. One theory says she might have died due to issues relating to emphysema or an eating disorder. But the latest theory suggests that going cold turkey off of booze may have sent Winehouse’s body into shock and given her a fatal seizure. We still have a few weeks to wait until the toxicology report comes in, so expect more wacky theories until then.

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  • Daniel MacDonald

    Considering that people have actually died from the DT’s of drug/alcohol withdrawal, it’s not “wacky” at all. Being sober 22 years I remember my withdrawal very vividly, right down to being straight-jacketed because I was hallucinating and violent. For two full days.

    In her case, it’s just not especially likely though considering that there are plenty of other symptoms that accompany withdrawal and it would have been readily apparent to anybody with her that something was up. If she was that far into DT’s, she probably would not have been able to talk to her father on the phone that night as he claimed.

  • Ganondorf

    “Maybe Amy Winehouse Died Because She Didn’t Do Enough Drugs”

    Stay classy, Queerty.

  • JC

    I’m starting to appreciate your ironic-but-verging-on-tacky headlines. At least this raises the issue of the dangers of going cold turkey, especially from alcohol. I’ll skip commenting on the “bi-crooner” label but nice to see continued coverage of this sad event.

  • nineinchnail

    Apparently new reports out of the UK state she bought £1200 of hard drugs the night she died. So sad as she was a fantastic singer/songwriter.

  • Opinionated

    Whether it was the drugs/alcohol or the eating disorder, it’s still her own fault.

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