McKellan Blasts Art Council’s Sexual Inquiries

Britain’s got some angry artists on its hands after the Arts Council asked recent applicants to declare their sexuality.

The Council claims they want to make sure grants go to a diverse pool, but creative types are crying “foul!” Actor Ian McKellan spoke out against the queer addition, saying, “It sounds extraordinary, It shouldn’t be on a form. It’s quite inappropriate.” Gallerist and curator Julian Spalding, meanwhile, couldn’t find the words to describe his disbelief, “I’m speechless. I can’t see what relevance it’s got. It’s a horrible invasion into one’s personal and private life.”

Perhaps actress Vanessa Redgrave offered the most humorous response, “Everyone should put down ‘trisexual’ whoever you are. Britain has become the world’s leading population of trisexuals.” Well, you know those artsy types…