MD Trans Teen Suspended After Getting Into Fight With Bully

A trans teenager in Maryland was suspended from school for getting into a fight after a fellow student allegedly assaulted her.

Dee, a 15-year-old transgender student at Patapsco Senior High School in Dundalk, MD, was reportedly attacked by her classmate on October 11. According to the Washington Blade, the fight stemmed from an earlier drink-throwing incident that Dee claims was done in defense of a gay friend. The Transgender Law Center reports that 78% of transgender and gender non-conforming youth report being harassed in school.

After the October 11 fight, both students were immediately suspended, as per school-district policy. But even though Dee’s opponent allegedly called her a “tranny faggot” during the altercation, a spokesperson for the school system claimed authorities determined “sexual orientation did not provoke this incident.”

No? How about gender expression?

In a bit of ugly irony, the hearing to determine whether Dee’s suspension should be extended or upgraded to expulsion is today—on Spirit Day. Hope you’re rocking a fierce purple outfit, girl!

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  • 2eo

    Don’t you dare defend yourself. Only privileged white christian hateful violent bigots can do that.

  • RomanHans

    I don’t understand this policy that both students in a fight are both punished, despite the fact one is a bully and one is a victim. If you can’t figure out who the aggressor is, somebody should throw a drink in YOUR face.

  • miniskull

    When I was in 11th grade I got into the biggest fight with my bully. That PoS had been harassing, terrorizing me for almost 2 years and I couldn’t take it anymore. Any time that low-life turned around and mocked me with all the horrible names, I always make sure I ain’t having any of his s***. I guess that got him really mad because his coward verbal bullying no longer worked on me, so one day while I was paying attention, he attacked me in the dirtiest way. And that was just the right kick I needed. I was a wimpy kid, but I made sure I hit him with every bit of strength I had in me. Of course I got sent into the principal and both of us had to write reports. I knew I was gonna get suspended even it was not a single bit of my fault. He got three days suspended, I got one. And my parents, who didn’t even know I was bullied at school, got quite a day. But at that point I truly don’t care about the punishment anymore. I told my mom “Good, at least I don’t have to see those jerks and bitches at school for one day. I f***ing hate them anyway.” Trading a suspension and a record for my dignity and my happiness? It’s all worth it. When I got back, I confronted that midget: “If you want to play, I WILL play with you, even with knife. I ain’t afraid of you or any of your posse. So watch your pussy.” Of course it’s somewhat extreme, but I think if you want to fight psychopath, you have to be a somewhat psychopath as well.

  • Eric Auerbach

    After being constantly harassed, it’s obvious that this girl became testy. That kind of thing can drive someone nuts. So what she did was very ballsy. Bullies don’t stop until their victims grow a pair, so I’m glad this teenage girl had the cojones to stand up to her bully.

  • jkb

    My advice: “Let them suspend you…as long as you beat that bully’s ass.”

  • Dumdum

    I say stand up and fight back. One time this knuckle dragging breeder called me a sick f**king fa**ot. I stood up and said.” I might be a fa**ot honey, but I am more woman than you will ever get and twice the man you will ever be”. Snap. He attacked me and I kicked his butt. Those kick boxing lessons really paid off, but no matter how many times I knocked him down he kept coming at me. He was a big guy. So I knocked him down for the fourth time and put a sleeper hold on him to knock him out. Somebody had called the cops but by the time they showed up he had run away. Everyone told the cops that he had attacked me, so they just left. Turned out he was an ex-con, a few weeks later he was arrested for beating his dog. Almost killed the poor thing. Hope he’s back in prison where he belongs.

  • 2eo

    @Dumdum: I remember when I stood up to a bully and got a scalpel through my hand. It was as painful as it sounds. The plus side is he died in a pub fight a few years ago. So I take that as a victory.

  • Dumdum

    @2eo: Dude! That is too much for T.V. Or is it? Hey if you ever come to the States, look me up. I am a great cook and me and my husband would be happy to put you up. Nothing weird or anything just good old fashioned hospitality. Peace. [email protected]

  • jsmith

    Regardless of defensive actions was any of this bullying reported to the faculty? While they aren’t likely to be able to do anything about it. At the very least you could use it as defense.

  • andy_d

    @jsmith: They may not CHOOSE to do anything about the bullying. Have you thought about that? There are still too many jurisdictions in which school districts must be FORCED through legal proceedings to take any actions to prevent bullying. In fact there are some school districts that refuse to do anything because they have stated that anti-bullying programs promote the “homosexual agenda.”

  • Daniel Philippe

    Why is someone being pushed for standing up for themselves or others. We are taught, if you see someone being bullied, to stand up for that person, not to punish them.

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