MD Trans Teen Suspended After Getting Into Fight With Bully

A trans teenager in Maryland was suspended from school for getting into a fight after a fellow student allegedly assaulted her.

Dee, a 15-year-old transgender student at Patapsco Senior High School in Dundalk, MD, was reportedly attacked by her classmate on October 11. According to the Washington Blade, the fight stemmed from an earlier drink-throwing incident that Dee claims was done in defense of a gay friend. The Transgender Law Center reports that 78% of transgender and gender non-conforming youth report being harassed in school.

After the October 11 fight, both students were immediately suspended, as per school-district policy. But even though Dee’s opponent allegedly called her a “tranny faggot” during the altercation, a spokesperson for the school system claimed authorities determined “sexual orientation did not provoke this incident.”

No? How about gender expression?

In a bit of ugly irony, the hearing to determine whether Dee’s suspension should be extended or upgraded to expulsion is today—on Spirit Day. Hope you’re rocking a fierce purple outfit, girl!