Meet The Anti-Gay Lawmaker Jared Polis May Face In The 2012 Elections

While running for re-election this November, Representative Jared Polis, the first openly gay man elected to the House, may have to face off against Colorado State Senator Ken Lundberg, a man OutFront Colorado calls “the most anti-gay lawmaker under the dome.” This is a bit like matter running against anti-matter.

Polis has opposed DOMA deportations, demanded an investigation into the ritual torture of gay Iraqis and championed employment protections for LGBT Americans. In contrast, his prospective opponent Lundberg stronly opposed the Colorado legislature’s attempt to extend civil unions to same-sex couples; he even went so far as to lead a protest and prayer group on the east side of the Capitol building before the bill died in the Senate.

Right now Lundberg has an exploratory committee examining whether he should run or not. Considering Polis’ money and influence fundraising skillz, OutFront Colorado says that Lunberg would have to be crazy to run.

Well, Lundberg does home school his kids. Just sayin’.

Image via U.S. Congress and the CO House GOP Caucus

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  • bagooka

    Is that a picture of Lundberg’s dark overlord in the background?

  • DenverBarbie

    Polis represents a district comprised of towns like Boulder and Vail.They’re all “limousine liberals” up there, but nevertheless, still very progressive.
    Lundberg would pull the ultimate reckless asshat move by trying to challenge him. He’d have to fund one hell of a campaign to garner even a fraction of the vote. (And here we are thinking that republicans are “conservative” when it comes to spending.)

  • Greybat

    They’re not so Conservative if it’s something THEY want for themselves!

  • quantheory

    I live in this district. The Congressional District containing the city and county of Boulder will next elect a staunch social conservative when pigs sprout wings and hell freezes over (or gerrymandering splits it in half). Lundberg doesn’t have a chance.

    On another note, I had the opportunity to chew him out to his face over his opposition to the civil unions bill. Obviously not much chance of changing his mind, but I felt a lot better.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    Anyone looking to unseat Jared Polis will have to face the wrath of GOD (that’s me).

  • stringray

    FYI, the bill died in the Repub House, not the Dem Senate

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