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Meet the Leffews, Queerty’s New Favorite Gay Family

We are in love with the Leffews. A “private family” in Nothern California who began uploading to YouTube after Prop 8 passed to show gay families are as normal as any other, they’ve treated us to some intimate moments over the past few months as they self-document days in the life of a regular gay family.

With son Daniel, 8, and daughter Selena, 4, Jay (a police officer, Iraq vet, and huge Star Wars fan) and Bryan (a stay-at-home dad) have uploaded birthdays, bedtimes, Easter egg colorings, and their own wedding. They’ve been together for 13 years. They have dinner together every night. They take their kids to school, help them with homework, and pay the bills like so many other Americans.

Their videos are all spectacular, if only because they’re so … normal. But one we like in particular is Bryan’s coming out story (above). Oh, and their regular updates whenever a new state passes gay marriage legislation.

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  • LarryPDX

    Wow, what great videos!
    Thanks Queerty for introducing me to the Leffew family.

  • anon

    OK, didn’t watch the vid (yet) as I’m at work and can’t…

    but I really don’t think you needed to tell us that he’s a huge star wars fan.

  • Brenterino

    I’m gonna say it…Yeow, he’s cute….Jay’s a lucky man…and I’m not even a bearish man fancier….LOL

  • BillyBob Thornton

    It is absolutely wonderful to see a “normal” gay family. I wish I had role models such as this family when I was young and questioning. It certainly would have made my coming out easier and probably made my subsequent choices much different.

  • Alec

    @anon: What gave it away? The meticulously placed dozens of action figures in the background or the models right above the joystick on the computer desk? :-)

  • Sug Night

    THANKS for sharing this.

  • TH

    Great! They’d make a much better reality show than Jon & Kate plus 8. Haha

  • OMG

    OMFG, he’s totally cute. LOVE HIM!!!

  • John

    what the hell is ANON problem with you telling us he’s a star wars fan? whats wrong with that? lighten the hell up, I’m a star wars nerd, why should we hide in the closet you bigot? He just happens to be gay, he just happens to be a dad, he just happens to be a star wars fan, deal with it ANUS.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



    I’m obsessed by Marvel comics and I have no time to hear from someone that it isn’t ‘cool’…


  • AJ

    I think Anon’s point was that it was obvious the guy in the video was a Star Wars Fan. It didn’t need to be reiterated.

  • TANK

    Damn! He’s got a shrine of “figurines”…lawdy that’s sad.

  • Percival

    Not to mention the insignia of the Empire emblazoned over his sexy, sexy chest. Mmmm, nerds….

  • johnqpublic

    What a lovely video. I went back and watched them all. Great family and they are so sweet together and with their children.

  • shelby84

    The family is beautiful! I would totally watch that reality show.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Thats good. :0

  • anon

    Thank you, A.J.

    that’s all I meant. Alec picked it up, as well.

    to John…(not from England), take your head out of your ass…or whomever’s ass it may be in. I, too, am a Star Wars nerd, and it’s clear from the video still that this guy is too. as in, we didn’t need to be TOLD that he is.

    I’m not telling anyone to “hide” in any closet…but you may want to go out and buy yourself a clue as it’s clear you’re wanting for one.

  • depfox

    Thanks for doing a very nice story on my family.


  • depfox

    The funny thing is Star Wars is the first thing that brought the two of us together.


  • Erika Wentworth

    Great article. I watched lots of these videos and wished they were on TV to reach an even wider audience. I wish mainstream America could not only see how normal this family this is, but what great dedicated parents these guys are. I mean, they’re better than most so-called “normal” parents, as far as I can tell from the videos. If you watch them you’ll see really touching moments and what great role models these two fathers are for their kids. None of the father figures in my own life could hold a candle to these guys and I know a lot of people would agree if they watched. It’s truly wonderful to see. Lucky kids.

  • Raoul Martins

    wow ,, i love that guy ,, Im getting married on monday May 11th … thanks for the video ,, it was wonderful !!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    My head likes my ass!!

  • Brianna

    What a wonderful family you have! I wish everyone could just take the time to watch this and see that homosexuals are being deprived of HAPPINESS!!! The times are changing, and it’s time for everyone to look past race, ethnicity, religion, AND MAINLY sexual orientation! Your family is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!!!

  • Angel

    I love these family videos. They are inspiring. Actually, as I once emailed Jay and Bryan, Im gay and I used to be against gay marriage, after watching their videos, I changed my mind! Thanks Guys!

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