Gay Faces

Meet the Leffews, Queerty’s New Favorite Gay Family

We are in love with the Leffews. A “private family” in Nothern California who began uploading to YouTube after Prop 8 passed to show gay families are as normal as any other, they’ve treated us to some intimate moments over the past few months as they self-document days in the life of a regular gay family.

With son Daniel, 8, and daughter Selena, 4, Jay (a police officer, Iraq vet, and huge Star Wars fan) and Bryan (a stay-at-home dad) have uploaded birthdays, bedtimes, Easter egg colorings, and their own wedding. They’ve been together for 13 years. They have dinner together every night. They take their kids to school, help them with homework, and pay the bills like so many other Americans.

Their videos are all spectacular, if only because they’re so … normal. But one we like in particular is Bryan’s coming out story (above). Oh, and their regular updates whenever a new state passes gay marriage legislation.