Meg Whitman Didn’t Even Start Voting Till 2005. But She’d Like Yours In 2010!

[flv:http://cbstv.vo.llnwd.net/e2/0019/flash/20090925181911_34194_000202p6000546p0.flv https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/2009/09/whitmancbs5.jpg 650 420]

Sad person and anti-environmentalist Meg Whitman is running for governor of California, a place that, despite approving Prop 8, loves the gays in overwhelming numbers. Which means her support of Prop 8 has put her in a precarious position, circa 2009. (Just a few years ago, her stance on letting gays get married might have not seemed so discriminatory!) Hoping to take over for Arnold, her election will also be tied to the 2010 effort to repeal Prop 8, a measure she supported. So far, Whitman has battled back against the label “homophobe,” said it was okay for the 18,000 pre-Prop 8 gay couples to stay married, and credited her faith for her bigotry.

In the above interview with San Francisco’s CBS 5 (cue to the 2:27 mark), Whitman, who didn’t even start voting until 2005, reminds everyone that she’s for civil unions, but that M-word is just too much! Sorry, Meg, not good enough. And your assertion that your position is not “a slap in the face” to the millions of gay Californians is, frankly, preposterous.

Whitman says she’s “deadly serious” about not losing another job in California. And we’re deadly serious about prohibiting somebody who is not our full advocate from stepping a foot inside the governor’s mansion.