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Meghan McCain’s “Happy Pride!” tweet completely blows up in her face… twice

Meghan McCain, proud Republican and co-host of The View, took a moment yesterday to wish everyone a Happy Pride Month on Twitter. Unfortunately for her, nobody was having it.

“Happy Pride Month to all in the LGBTQ+ community!” McCain tweeted. “I hope it is a month of wonderful celebration and joy! Your bravery and courage inspire me every day.”

McCain has long masqueraded as an LGBTQ ally when, behind closed doors, she is anything but. She may claim to love drag queens and using phrases like “Yaaaas, Queen!”, but when it comes to actually supporting queer people, her record is virtually non-existent, aside from occasional lip service when it’s convenient.

Not only that, but McCain’s  husband, Ben Domenech, is the co-founder and publisher of the extreme right-wing blog The Federalist, which regularly posts hateful anti-LGBTQ op-eds and transphobic hit pieces by America’s rising class of bigots.

Of course, Meghan is her own person and is certainly not defined by or responsible for her husband’s actions. But she does profit from the money he makes from peddling antigay propaganda on The Federalist, and she’s never really acknowledged his long history of antigay remarks. In fact, she’s often gone out of her way to avoid discussing it, while continuing to support him and his work publicly.

So, yeah, she’s no ally.

Folx on Twitter were quick to let her know this…

Oh, but it didn’t stop there…

Amazingly, McCain also managed to piss off her conservative supporters, who didn’t appreciate your voicing support for LGBTQ people. They, too, were quick to let her know they did NOT approve…

Meghan probably should’ve sat this one out.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.