Mehlman Resigns from RNC

The poor GOP. First they get their asses pummelled (in a bad way) during Tuesday’s election, thus ushering in the first Democratic Congress in 12 years, now Ken Mehlman‘s resigning from his post as head of the Republican Committee.

Mehlman insists he made the decision over the summer. He tells The Washington Times: “It’s something I decided over the summer. No one told me I needed to. In fact, folks wanted me to stay.” Lt. Governor Michael Steele of Maryland, an opponent of gay-marriage, has been asked to replace Mehlman: a job that will require to peel the GOP off the pavement and reconstruct the party.

Hmmm. We believe this almost as much as we believe Bush decided to give Rumsfeld the boot before the election. We tend to think that Mehlman’s resignation stems more from BlogActive’s tenacious questioning and Bill Maher’s Larry King outing, which – as you may know – later got censored by the good folks over at CNN.

Now that he won’t be heading the RNC, does that mean Mehlman can spend more time at Roxy? We hear he absolutely loves to dance (even more than Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Want to Have Fun, if you can believe it).

Although, we suppose it doesn’t really matter, as long as he’s gone.