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Melissa Etheridge Ditched Tammy Lynn Michaels For The Couple’s ‘Best Woman’ Linda Wallem

How do you make sure your ex-wife really knows your relationship is over? You start taking up with the Best Woman from your wedding. Which is exactly what possible tax avoider Melissa Etheridge did after (before?) severing her romance with Tammy Lynn Michaels last spring.

Melissa is now “happy” in her relationship with Linda Wallem, who was by her and Tammy’s sides when they wed in 2003. (She and Melissa have been friends for 10 years, apparently.) Etheridge, who has been publicly feuding with Michaels (and her blog rants) over finances and child custody, might have less of an issue with Wallem. As the creator of Nurse Jackie, I’m sure her finances are just a little more equitable.

Officially they took up together three months after Melissa split from Tammy Lynn, though I’ll let you figure out what you want to believe. As one lady-loving friend opined to me this evening: “Melissa Etheridge sounds like a fucking twat.” Well. All’s fair in love and bore?

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