Melissa Etheridge’s Rick Warren Defense Continues

UPDATED — Rick Warren’s favorite lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge did a phoner with NPR’s All Things Considered this morning where she discussed her defense of Barack Obama‘s inclusion of Rev. Warren in his inauguration. Basically, it boils down to “I believe in Barack Obama.”

Etheridge says:

“I believe I understand Barack Obama’s choice here , I believe Barack Obama wants to be President of the entire United States.

I just want to make sure that as the liberals progressives Democrats whatever you call us are moving into this new time with this new President that we do not say “Well they, the evangelicals and the ones who say such horrible things about gays , they have to stay over here and were not going to let them in.”

And then, NPR, bless it’s wonky soul, plays for Etheridge the tape of Warren comparing gay and lesbian marriage to marriages between brothers and sisters and adults and children and asks what she thinks of them apples. You go, public radio!

Etheridge listens to the tape, laughs and says:

“I don’t think he’s alone there. I think there’s all kinds of people who think that if we let them gays get married it’s going to open the door to all kinds of crazy stuff. Just because he thinks that does not mean that I have to not speak to him or I never want to be in his company.”

Sister, we’re not saying ‘Don’t talk to the guy’, we’re saying that if you do, you ought to mention something along the lines of “Hey, you know all that stuff you say and do about gay marriage is wrong and does more harm than good for families both straight and gay, right?”, because taking his compliments about your CD’s is not change anyone believes in.

Etheridge is right about getting past our divisions, but the way to do that is not with the attitiude of “Oh, my God! He’s talking to me! He likes me! Better shut up!” On whether her position on Warren would change if John McCain had been elected president instead of Obama, and McCain had been the one to invite Warren, Etheridge says

“No. I would be out on the street marching about McCain being president. That would be a whole different situation. […] [Obama] is trying to include all of America, because that’s the only way we’re going to move forward. We are so polarized, and that’s what we have to break. And I see him trying to do that and I would like to join him.”

Does Etheridge understand that the reason the nation is polarized is because of people like Rev. Warren, who misleads and distorts the truth to deny people their civil rights?

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  • Cam

    Look, just like Barney Frank there are two problems with Melissa.

    1. She is a Celeb, as Frank is a Congressman and so the things that have an effect on regular peoples lives don’t effect them. Nobody at work is going to call her names, or leave nasty notes on her desk, just like none of that happens to Frank. Also, they are both wealthy and don’t live in states like West Va. So they can afford to be glib about somebody thinking they are less than human.

    2. She is of the Generation that still can tend to apologize for being gay. I found it interesting that she would have been out marching against John McCain but is speaking kindly about a guy who doesn’t think she has even basic civil rights. It is explained because she was never meant to feel shame for being a democrat but still deep down must feel shame for being a lesbian. There really can’t be any other explanation for this. I have a feeling she would be out there marching if Warren had said different races shouldn’t marry, but when it comes to gays she is an apologist for him. Dissappointing to say the least.

  • nolehace

    …would someone please ask obama, in the name of diversity he says he wants at his inauguration, who is he choosing to represent the klan…something abt wanting all voices at the table, right?…

  • Merlin

    Appeasement of religious and political evil never promotes goodness.

  • A.S.

    I wonder why everyone thinks that just because Melissa is a lesbian and was in the same room as Rick Warren, that it is her “Obligation” to speak up. Melissa has been one of the strongest voices for over 10 years on gay rights. There is a time and place for discussing issues that as a community we need discussed, but it is not her responsibility.

  • emb

    Melissa demonstrated during the “town hall meetings” that for all her singing talent and good intentions she’s not the brightest bulb in the homo chandelier. This just provides further evidence of her inability to think with any depth. She really ought to be discouraged from setting herself up as a GLBT spokesperson. There’s no there there.

    And sadly, the more I think about this Warren thing the madder I get: I was willing to take the lukewarm support from Obama during the campaign as politically necessary; there’s nothing necessary about asking someone who has publicly opposed our civil and human rights to speak at an historic event. Barack’s got some serious making-up to do, and he’s not even out of the gate yet.

  • Gregoire

    You people need to get the fuck over it. The more I read such silly trivial tirades, the more I hope Obama gives Rick Warren a permanent role in his administration just to piss you off.

    After spending the holidays with a bunch of conservative people who think Rick Warren is the second coming, I understand precisely why he was invited. You can’t please everybody, and since there’s always a few self-rightous queens who want the red carpet rolled out for them at any occasion, I’m willing to completely forgive ONE decision that I do not agree with Obama on.

  • walt zipprian


    Fuck you.


    You need to get the fuck over the fact that we aren’t going to get the fuck over it.

  • Merlin

    ”you people?” homophobia is the new racism.

    it is the same groups of religiously politically connected peoples, again, fifty years later, making happy face while intentionally preventing their fellow citizens from sharing the american dream.

  • GJR

    I don’t expect Obama to do a thing. He’s now asked Tim Kaine to run the DNC, an ok choice for Virginia governor, pretty damn conservative, he’s on record saying he’s even against civil unions.

    Last night, I was at Huffington Post, a pretty liberal site, and was basically shouted down by people. People just don’t get the point that a racist or an anti-Semite would not be acceptable, but a homophobe is in the name of reaching out. And this is after he had to invite Donnie McClurkin, who said gay people will burn in hell. The other argument I get sick of is: “How dare you compare gay descrimination to black discrimination…”
    Um, I do dare. Yes, gays were not slaves but they have been murdered and the object of violence and blackmail since the beginning of time. Plus, there is not one black family in the world that will hate their own son or daughter for being black. Gays have that unique honor. Plus, you can still be fired for being gay in something like 34 states.
    And even if it’s true, gays can in no way compare to the fate of blacks, then don’t the blacks have the responsibility to show special understanding to another group who is discriminated against?

    But most see it as complaining, a “special” issue. Spoken of course by people who have full rights.

    It’s of course convenient for Obama to piss on gay people as we are lowest on the totem pole. I don’t expect him to produce any real results. Even the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been pushed back, too politically risky. I think it was all a line, Obama will ultimately do NOTHING for the GLBT community.

  • Dave

    @Cam: Well they both have the crazy stalker scenario – not saying they have any but it’d be surprising if they didn’t as with visibility comes fans and the crazies.

    @A.S.: It’s true she’s not required to speak up – it’s never been required for anyone to speak up about just about anything however if you honestly believe in something and you have a chance to make an impact for it or do something about it and you choose not to because it would be uncomfortable, awkward, or give you some bad PR is that really a good thing? I can’t say what her reasons were but I’m no less disappointed that she didn’t stand up for what she believes.

    @Gregoire: To be quite frank yes: I accept that we’re going to have a lying p.o.s serving in an important function, I accept that there’s nothing rational that can be done to avoid this, I further accept that there are number of people who would follow Warren off a bridge – what I do not accept is someone telling me that I should be ok with it or that I should not express my dissatisfaction. Nothing ever changed because someone kept their mouth shut and I’m not saying that Warren’s current presence at the podium is something that can be changed now but the presence of those like him in the future is something we may very well be able to make a far more uncomfortable gambit.

    *Feeling grouchy – pulled a muscle in my leg so take my tone with some salt

  • GJR

    I really thin Melissa was blinded by the flattery. As has been pointed out, nothing will happen to Melissa, she can continue to have her life. But if you are an ordinary gay person, Warren will work to have your rights taken away. My friends in Orange County wonder if their marriage will be invalidated.

    I think Melissa could have done the community much more of a service had she publicly cancelled her attendance at the inauguration. That’s the only way for there to be more awareness. Warren WANTS people like Melissa to say he’s not a disgusting bigot. That’s what makes people think it’s ok for him to say gays are the same as child molesters and that’s ok. If someone said blacks were the same as a child molester, I guarantee it would not be ok. It certainly would not be ok with me.
    But because it’s the queers, its ok.

    We’re happy he likes your album, Melissa. Meanwhile people can’t make a home with the people they love.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    A message to Melissa Etheridge:

    Rick Warren thinks that you sexually molest your children (babies!) and that you and your partner join in with the family dog.

    It disgusts me but I wonder why it doesn’t disgust you, Ms Etheridge?

    Any gay person who is fine with the tone that is being set by the B.O Administration is a homophobe! Gregoire is putting his race before his sexuality given the intense homophobia (and AIDSphobia) within the Black Community.

    Melissa is a Democrat with blinders on, only seeing the good she wants to believe in.

    Barack Obama is already hurtling towards a Jimmy Carter one-term mess and may be more defined by the Bush Legacy of Economic Collapse than “Change we can believe in.”

    O’Bummer, we shoulda picked Hillary!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Do you think O doing this is ‘idealistic’ or ‘realistic’?

  • christine moore

    @A.S.: It is her responsibility to speak up if she is going to speak to Rick Warren on behalf of the gay community and then come back to the gay community and try to convince us he is OK. Well, this lesbian is not convinced.
    She said she didn’t even know who he was until this whole thing blew up. What is up with that? If she is going to be politically active, maybe she should pick up a newspaper once in a while. I guess she is too busy looking for star fuckers to buy her “records”.

  • Sabrina

    I appreciate all that Melissa Etheridge has done as an out celebrity. She has been willing to confront bigots face-to-face in the news media and discrimination in the entertainment industry. The LGBT community needs more of that action from other closeted celebrities. It’s time we ALL came out to everyone (family, work & friends).

    If you are consistently outspoken regarding LGBT civil rights and marriage equality then and only then is it OK to criticize Melissa’s special “friendship” with Rick Warren.

    It’s annoying that a compliment about her early music is all it takes to get her to make nice and turn a blind eye on hypocrisy. Let’s hope she’s correct in assuming Obama is going to make it all better.

  • mark

    Tim KAINE Obama’s pick for DNC head….oh hell NO
    Anti-Choice, Anti Gay, Anti Union, Hawk on Iraq….you ain’t making the DNC the RNC,,,,,ever
    HRC, Move On, NGLTF, Lambda Legal, NARAL, NOW,,,,,stop this insanity….NOW!

    “”But wait — there’s even more bad news. Kaine ran a gay-baiting campaign for governor and is awful on GLBT issues. Not only does he oppose gay marriage (which, unfortunately most Democrats do), he opposes civil unions, too. He also supported an anti-gay marriage amendment to Virginia’s constitution. And not only did he support the Iraq War, but he was super-hawkish about it as well. In addition, he supported a repeal of the estate tax, reneged on his promise to enact universal pre-K, has a poor record on energy and global warming issues and has said he “strongly” supports anti-union, “right to work” laws.”

  • Cam

    “”No. 6 · Gregoire said
    You people need to get the fuck over it. The more I read such silly trivial tirades, the more I hope Obama gives Rick Warren a permanent role in his administration just to piss you off. “”


    So, is this your idea of an adult, well thought out response? once again, I don’t care what you think of the guy, the fact of the matter is, if he had said similar things about Asians, or Mexicans, NOBODY would be attacking those groups for getting upset. It is only because he said it about gays that people are telling us to be quiet, be good little boys and girls and sit politiely while the guy who thinks we are all less than human gets to cut in front of us in line. Perhaps both you and Melissa should figure out why it is you are so willing to trade your rights for a little quiet.

  • Jon Johansen

    @Dave: it’s ok you weren’t too grouchy :)

  • Jheryn

    I feel sorry for Melissa having to defend her position. It is one of which I “sort of” agree. I don’t have to agree with Obama’s decision for this, but I also know that I am not going to agree with his every decision. In fact, there is not a single person on earth that I will agree with 100% of the time.

    I support all of you who wish to express your dissatisfaction at the choice as well. Speak out if it offends you. It is your right to do so and I think that is the way things get accomplished. I would just also ask that you don’t let hate and bigotry slip in to those cries of protest.

    We in the gay community get enough of that ourselves. Anyone who believes that spewing the same filth back will change things are wrong. It just fuels the homophobic fire.

    Again, I agree with Melissa’s stance to a point. I too think Barack is trying to include everyone’s ideology in his administration. I don’t think you can ever pull that off, but kudos for trying.

    Would I have picked Warren? Nope. But I support Barack’s decision to choose whether I agree with it or not. Do I like the decision? That is a different story… But I am not going to spew hate at Obama or Warren. I will never believe that that is the way to accomplish anything.

  • michael

    Just because she has penned a few songs does not mean she is the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. Why do we let ourselves be represented by celebrities? While I appreciate a good word from anyone I just do not get why we so often look to these people to lead us. We need strong people, with strong convictions, Like Dr. King. We have had people before us that have walked this walk and have won. Why are we not following that path? We apologize for protesting, we make excuses for people who have the same belief systems as Hitler, and we allow people who just want to play games to lead us. To make anything happen we have to have leaders, leaders who realize waiting for people to like us and love us is not going to get us anywhere. Leaders who are strong and speak the truth, who tell it like it is. Look at those before us who have managed to truly change the world, Ghandi, Dr. King, Jesus Christ. These were unwavering souls who told it like it is. This is a time in history that we are being tested as gay folk. We are being asked by the universe to make a choice, a choice to stand up and be who we are, without apology and demand our rights from our oppressors or sink deeper into fear. The universe will support us in either choice, I hope we make the right one.

  • michael

    @Gregoire: So you spent the holidays
    with a bunch of rednecks who think Rick Warren is the second coming…..that must of been one crowded trailer or were you just hanging out with the whole park? One of my biggest disappointments
    that I had to face after I came out was just how many low class,
    white trash fags there are. I had a fantasy that all gay people were intelligent, sophisticated and worldly. Thanks for reminding me that 15 years later that still rings true.

  • The Gay Numbers

    My issue with what she says is that everything is allowable to her so long as they are nice to her.

    This is a guy who supported the people who wrote the Nigerian laws are the equivalent of Paragraph 175. The law that Nazi’s used against gays during the Holocaust. It basically says (the law in Nigeria) that we can no congregate, etc in public in any way. It’s totalitarian. Warren supports the religious person in that country who campaigned for the law:

    “As described on an activist blog that specialized in covering the controversial anti-gay legislation [and whose author has contributed to Talk To Action], in February 2006 “the Primate of All Nigeria and leader of the Anglican Communion’s largest Province, Archbishop Peter Akinola, endorsed legislation that would ban most basic civil rights for gay and lesbian Nigerians, and enforce that ban with a 5 year prison sentence.”

    On April 30, 2006, pastor Rick Warren wrote an op-ed, for Time Magazine, which lavished praise on Akinola, likening the cleric to Nelson Mandela”

    My problem with her is that she is ignorantly going into public supporting someone is not just in disagreement with us, but abroad this guy actively supports people who want to kill and jail us.

    I don’t get it. I never will. It’s like accepting the argument we must let the head of Iran give a prayer despite the fact we know he murders gays in Iran. There is no practical difference except a) Warren is polite and b) he can’t do here what he advocates in people he supports abroad.

  • michael

    @The Gay Numbers: Excellent post,
    but obviously many just do not have the capacity to “get it”. She is not all that bright and when I listened to her partner speak on Oprah right after prop. 8 passed I realized that they needed to step down from. All her partner cared about was that her family accepted her, at least she thinks they do. So she could care less if gay marriage passes. In fact, I wonder if her partner has any influence on all these new opinions she has.

  • gaypastor

    Face it folks. Melissa – as much as I love her – is rich and has the luxury of being sympathetic to Obama’s choice and even Evangelicals. And I applaud her for deciding to not hate the hater. But most of us are in living in the Queer trenches here. Buying our way into equality is not an option for us. We can’t afford that lawyer to make our civil unions legally equivalent to a marriage. We can’t afford to sit back and hope Obama is doing the right thing. If our leaders aren’t fighting for us we don’t have the means to make our lives better (or even liveable) so we can pretend we’re not 2nd class citizens. Melissa is great musician and a great woman but I don’t think we should be taking our societal/political cues from her. The obvious questions remains, however: WE ARE OUR LEADERS RIGHT NOW AND WHY AREN’T THEY LEADING US TOWARDS ACTION!? The HRC, for example, rights a kickass letter and now nothing. No protests. No boycotts. No real call for action of any kind!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @The Gay Numbers:

    “There is no practical difference except a) Warren is polite and b) he can’t do here what he advocates in people he supports abroad.”

    And we both know that Warren would do here what he advocates the Nigerians doing…if he could get away with it.

    He and old Fred Phelps of TheGodHateFags Westboro Church would be dancing a jig in the courthouse Rotunda as Phelps works fearlessly and tirelessly to convert those five year prison sentences into hangings in the public square and fag burnings in the church courtyards.

    it didn’t take very long to go from Paragraph 175 to being gassed in the concentration camps.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “WE ARE OUR LEADERS RIGHT NOW AND WHY AREN’T THEY LEADING US TOWARDS ACTION!? The HRC, for example, rights a kickass letter and now nothing. No protests. No boycotts. No real call for action of any kind!”

    Fast asleep at the helm….or planning the next ball most likely.

    I wrote a letter over three weeks to Join the Impact, at the encouragement of Chris Crain at the Citizen Crain Blog, suggesting a 40th Stonewall Anniversary march on Wash. DC. and how we could go about organizing one, which I posted on Citizen Crain. I;ve received no response whatsoever.

    Not to despair, however. I did get an email asking for more money.

    Guess they need the money for a new computer/word processor so they can answer my letter *sarcasm font on*

    I came out of the Stonewall/Harvey Milk era. We marched. We quilted. We zapped. We boy-cotted. We sat-in. We protested. We had candle-light vigils. We stood out in the streets in the freezing cold handing out pamphlets and flyers for gay rights. We chanted and hollered in front of St. Patricks Cathedral. We wrote letters. We got people to sign petitions in the streets. We threw pies in Anita’s face. We hissed at the villains. We stormed “New Yorks Finest” at Stonewall. We stored City Hall in San Francisco. We were civil disobedients. We fought back in whatever way we could.

    I just had a gay friend scream in my ear over the telephone a few minutes ago “I don’t want to hear another thing out of your mouth about gay rights and I DON”T want to get married.”

    He doesn’t understand my frustration or my anger that I cannot bring my lover of six years to this country, much less marry him. I told him that if he is not outraged, then he isn’t paying attention.

    Even more saddening and disappointing, is the fact that he is the third gay friend to tell me pretty much the same thing over the past year. I have yet to have any one of my str8 friends speak to me in such a denigrating and humiliating manner. Like the two gas assholes before him, I don’t think we’ll be having much to say to each other anymore from here on in.

    I just find it too hard to live with censorship, especially when it is mandated by my own kind!

    Just when wsit that we became so horrible apathetic

  • Charles J. Mueller

    I am so fucking upset that I cannot even see straight to type. The last sentence should read…

    “Just when was it that we gays became so horribly apathetic and uncaring?”

  • GJR

    @ Charles J. Mueller

    I know your frustration. I’ve been with my partner 14 years. His ex has been with his partner 15 years. About 5-6 years ago, they moved from Connecticut to LA. Since Bush has been president, I have ranted and raved to them about the situation, they rolled their eyes, couldn’t be bothered.
    Then Bush started his hate campaign against gay people. I ranted more and more. They seemed more irritated I would complain.
    Then came all of these ballot measures to “defend” marriage in various states, didn’t bother them.
    So then May came, gays could get married in California. They decided it might be a good idea – at some point.
    By the end of the summer, after their vacation, they saw a real possibility Prop 8 could pass. They rushed through a September wedding.
    Then Prop 8 passed. Their No on Prop 8 sign in Orange County was stolen, everyone else in their affluent community had a Yes on 8 sign. Their yard was vandalized.
    Now Warren and his ilk are working to invalidate the 18,000 gay marriages which occurred. Now my one friend is unemployed and if the marriage is invalidated, he may no longer get his partner’s health benefits. NOW they are outraged. I talked and talked and talked for years about Bush and particularly what he was doing to gay rights. Nobody wanted to hear me, until it affected them in a profound way. Sadly, that’s the way it often is.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Charles J. Mueller: I don’t think they want to murder us, but certainly jailing would be okay. these are people who pushed for the US not to support the non binding US resolution that said gays should not be criminalized as a category despite the fact many countries will put us in jail for being gay. Their reasoning was fucked up. They essentially argued, the US (and again reading the tea leaves- Christian conservatives) that the non binding resolution would interfere U.S state rights of individuals in states to deny employment and housing to gays. First my thought process is wait? So you are saying you are okay with firing ups an throwing us out of our homes as a right? That’s the implication of the US position on the resolution. My second thought is how the hell does someone as ignorant as Etherige is on the issue keep openning up her mouth without regard to the damage she causes.

    I agree it’s becauseshe does not care. That’s why her solution was about not paying taxes as a protest. When you think about it practically her being wealthy- of course that would be her mind set. It would help her to not pay her taxes. How convient to use that regarding our struggle for rights.

    I have to admit I have lost a lot of respect that I used to have for her. It’s one thing to advocate openness to others. Its quite another to advocate that openness out of complete ignorance because that person has complemented you. The later is not progress at all. It’s just “let them eat cake” mentality.

    That’s a very classist view of life. She doesn’t suffer the paiin of her statements. Others do. So she does not care, and gets offended when people call her on it. It’s sad really. Said and dangerous.

    We can disagree. But when she’s ignorant- her disagreement abroad leads to gay imprisonment and domestically to people living without healthcare and housing and other basic things they need to survive. Yet, she gets up there saying she is liberal. She does not know what that word means.

    I also agree that there is a segment of gays for whom this is about their personal emotional acceptance by their straight family rather than the hard nosed reality of the benefits of being marriage. I believe this is why No on 8 was so poorly run. It wasn’t the gays who most needed to have marriage right who ran the campaign. It was the sheltered well of queens.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Your post is spot on. I can’t empathise how much I understand.

    The amount of ‘friends’ who said the same thing to me……

    Oh my…

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    as you said, you know who your friends are in life

  • michael

    There is a reason they call some of us Queens. My definition of a “Queen” is a narsistic, arrogant homosexual who only cares about
    his Prada shoes and his queeny friends. He could care less about “rights”, only his “right” to hit the after Christmas sales at Saks. Gay marriage bores him because deep down he knows nobody could stand to be with him over 2 hours and he probably would never be asked. He thinks he is fabulous and contributes absolutely nothing to the world. He always walks around as if he has shit on his upper lip. There are a lot of these kind of queens.
    They just don’t have a lot of depth and never emotionally developed past 14. They are incapable of empathy, compassion and other human emotions. You have to let them go, they are not fully developed humans and you will never get through to any of them. They are the ones who will wonder what hit them should things get so bad in the U.S. that homosexuality is actually criminalized as it is in Nigeria.

  • paul

    Ethridge needs to exit stage left now. She has musical talent but that is where it stops. She is not my hero, not my leader nor my spokeswomen. How dare she crown herself Ms. Gay Married with adopted children who loves the Haters and other Star Fuckers Lesbian?

    As far as all of the apathetic gays out there, there must be millions. The last time I was rebuffed for being something more than a queen was when I invited a friend to the Join the Impact protest, he replied “I don’t involve myself with such politics”. WTF??? This precisely one of the huge reasons that GLBTQ rights are still not acutualized. I have no further use for such pathetic fags who will not even stand up for themselves or their fellow travelers.

  • Nick


    It’s a great “tone” and I agree with you totally – thanks for speaking up!

  • chuck

    Thanks for you kind words of support and understanding, The Gay Numbers, John from England, Michael and Paul.

    “They are the ones who will wonder what hit them should things get so bad in the U.S. that homosexuality is actually criminalized as it is in Nigeria.”

    Actually, the list grows longer by the day, and we are talking just the Continent of Africa here.

    Senegal, as we now know, has made homosexuality a crime punishable by a maximum of 5-years imprisonment. You don’t even have to commit a homosexual sexual act to be imprisoned.

    In Mauritania, you can be put to death.

    The latest country to join the gold rush to criminalize homosexuality….may I have the envelope please…is…

    (Bujumbura) The lower house in the central African nation of Burundi has passed legislation making homosexuality a federal crime, punishable by a 2 year prison term.

    Two-thirds of African nations maintain criminal penalties for consensual same-sex behavior. In recent years, several countries, including Nigeria and Uganda, have threatened to strengthen laws against homosexuality.

    A new criminal code in Zimbabwe broadens the definition of sodomy to include “any act that involves physical contact… that would be regarded by a reasonable person to be an indecent act.”

    Not the use of the term “a reasonable person”. It was Werner Erhard, the founder of EST who said, “Beware of reasonable people. They are the ones who will blow the world up. After they have fired off the first salvo of nuclear tipped warheads that will incinerate the planet, their ‘reason’ for doing so will be…’but we had no other choice'”

    This is further documented by the following excerpt from Lycée Denis Diderof, the East African Model of United Nations:

    “Fully alarmed that at least 80 countries consider homosexuality as a crime and inflict jail terms or even the death penalty to those they consider as perpetrators.

    And lastly, this from Wikipedia: Homosexuality Laws of the World.

    It should be noted that of all the various areas of the world, Africa stands out as being the worst offender of homosexual civil-rights and despoiler human dignity. As the rest of the civilized world becomes more progressive, the African Continent seems to be returning to the law of the jungle and spiraling into an abyss of hatred and intolerance.

    And, at risk of bringing on a avalanche of homophobic race-card players, we of the LGBT community wonder why so many in the black community, both gay and straight, voted Yes on Proposition 8 and who also become angry and vocal with us when we “dare” to compare our civil-rights struggle to theirs; shouting at us that “It’s not the same thing” or “You haven’t suffered as much as we have”, as if that inane argument should make any difference.

    The facts and figures speak for themselves. Make of them what you will.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Russ

    Warren used Etheridge to make himself look “tolerant.” I don’t think anyone should count on Warren changing his opinion of gays any time soon, or ever.

  • Saturday Night Special

    Great blog. Just wrote a blog on this:

    I will add here, that Melissa Etheridge will NEVER get one red cent of support from me every again.

    She definitely did display that she is a complete moron during the LGBT presidential forum. What a total and complete idiot. If this halfwit thinks that she can talk down to her community she’s got another thing coming. For the few who inisist on holding on to the dreamland that is Bukaki Obama she makes them feel good about thier stupidity and continues the divide between the gay community.

    I heard this one woman say, “I don’t know anyone who minds Rick Warren saying a prayer.” These people are the one’s who the likes of Melissa Etheridge placate.

    Bukaki will eat her up and spit her out. She’s too dumb to see it.

    Read her girlfriends blog, it’s total schizophrenia. One minute she saying she can’t believe Warren has been picked and the next moment she’s talking about how “Honey” met Rick and he loves her and her CD. He loves her so much. Now they love him so much. But they really love Bukaki so much.

    I think Melissa Etheridge should really and truly shut her mouth once and for all. Her fans should really write to her on her website and tell her to shut her pie hole.

  • Landon Bryce

    Melissa could say whatever she wanted about Rick Warren, and I wouldn’t care, except that she was so vehement in her anger over Proposition 8. I actively disrespect her now because she was so public in her “I’m not paying my taxes because of Prop 8!” phase and in her “Obama is God, Rick is sweet, SHUT UP, BITTER QUEENS!” phase. It’s not just hypocritical– it’s destructive to gay people.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    It’s Gay-ola Payola! Warrengate will just get bigger and uglier as the Inauguration of 44 looms. O’Bummer, shoulda picked Hillary!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Comment #40 Reservations already taken….sorry!

  • sparkle obama

    >> So you spent the holidays
    with a bunch of rednecks who think Rick Warren is the second coming…..that must of been one crowded trailer or were you just hanging out with the whole park? One of my biggest disappointments
    that I had to face after I came out was just how many low class,
    white trash fags there are. I had a fantasy that all gay people were intelligent, sophisticated and worldly. Thanks for reminding me that 15 years later that still rings true.<<

    you have just told on yourself here and illustrated what’s wrong with certain gays’ approach to the world at large.
    b*tch, it ain’t all about you!
    p.e. obama was elected to represent us all – not just corny sweater fags
    yeah i said it, what?

  • truth_bomb

    The call for tolerance is a bogus issue. The conflict here is not as much between gays and fundies as it is between gays and Obama. Off the radar is the conflict between Obama and fundies.

    We like to think that Obama is noble, yet where is the nobility in using other people. The issue is about hearing from gays who feel they were used in the last election and from fundies who suspect they are now being used by Obama at the inaug.

    Unless Obama stands up to the plate on using he won’t really be greeted with respect and compromises his nobility. There’s a reality check going on here. That’s where the potential for progress is.

    Everyone has to wonder now who is going to get used next. Which group is the one to say: He’s now using us like he used the gays.

    If there is a dialog to take place it is with Obama on the nobility of using people in politics. If we want this dialog the fundies are going to have to exert pressure from the right. That’s who he’s courting.

    That is the only way to pop this poisonous zit on the face of liberty. Gays can press too but they have are perceived to have smaller numbers and he already got their money and their votes.

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