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Memories Pizza Reopens To A Packed House, Owner Says He’d “Do The Same Thing Again”

memories-pizza-indiana-owners.0.0The bigots in Walkerton, IN had a pizza party yesterday.

Memories Pizza reopened its doors after its owners were “forced into hiding” eight days ago following a PR fiasco surrounding Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” law.

It all started when Kevin and Crystal O’Connor went on on their local news station to say they wouldn’t cater any gay weddings, even though no gay couples ever asked them to.

As a result, the O’Connors claimed they received a barrage of crank phone calls, mean e-mails, and bad Yelp reviews, prompting them to go into hiding, but not before making a string of national media appearances.

Within less than 24 hours, a GoFundMe campaign was set up in support of the Christian martyrs. The campaign ultimately raised more than $840,000 from nearly 30,000 donors.

“I’d do the same thing again,” the 61-year-old father of eight said yesterday.

For 840,000 smackeroos, who the hell wouldn’t?

Being a devout Christian, O’Connor says he forgives all “those people” who attacked his family for their beliefs.

“I’m just sorry it comes to this because neither one of us dislike any of those people,” he said. “I don’t hold any grudges.”

We should hope not. For $840,000, we’d say the O’Connors owe “those people” a big, fat thank you.

Last week, we wrote an open letter to the family calling on them to donate the funds to a human rights or pro-LGBT organization in their area. Mr. O’Connor now says he plans on giving “some of the money” to charity, as well as making a few improvements around his restaurant.

As for all the cash his family pocketed, O’Connor says, “It was really making us uncomfortable.”

“We were like, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!'” his daughter, Crystal, added.

The restaurant reopened yesterday afternoon. Within an hour, all eight tables were filled and six customers were waiting for carryout orders.

“It’s a relief to get going again and try to get back to normal,” Kevin O’Connor said.

The $840,000 should help.

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