Michael B. Jordan Responds To Andrew Garfield’s Man-Crush: “No Thoughts On That”

garfield-jordanAfter suggesting last week that he’d love to explore Peter Parker’s sexuality (read: his own) in an upcoming Spider-Man film, Andrew Garfield kinda sorta got a response from his top pick for an onscreen gay love interest.

When asked who he’d cast as Spider-Man’s first gay beau, Garfield told EW that he’s “been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire,” and has been pushing producer Matt Tolmach to pitch a homoerotic love scene so the two can finally have a reason to make out. “It’d be even better,” he said, “we’d have interracial bisexuality!”

Word got around to Jordan in an interview with VH1 this week, where he unfortunately dodged the proposal altogether:

VH1: Garfield recently said that the superhero’s sexuality is open to interpretation, and he named you as someone he’d want to play his gay lover in the film, should Marc Webb choose to go that route.

Michael B. Jordan: No thoughts on that, but I am a fan of Andrew. He’s a talented actor, I admire his work, and I’d definitely love to work with him in the future. He’s a funny guy–he’s got a sense of humor and I love people that won’t take themselves too seriously all the time, so it’s cool for him to come out and say how he felt or joke around or whatever. It was fun, I laughed at it.


Jordan’s new film, Fruitvale Station, in which he plays 22-year-old Oscar Grant, who was shot and killed by BART police officers in 2009, is currently playing in limited release.

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  • MK Ultra

    Jordan should get a scholarship into Julliard for how he danced around that question. lol

  • Ogre Magi

    DAMN, they both are HOT

  • dwndckd

    Jordan did a great job in answering that question… A lot better than I would have.

  • ChiChi Man

    I don’t know what you think Jordan was supposed to say. If Channing Tatum said he’d want to play Jennifer Lawrence’s lover and she said she had no thoughts on that, but that she admired Tatum, no one would raise an objection.

    We’d just assume that she was being professional.

  • B Damion

    Jordan did as he should have and gave a somewhat diplomatic response.
    He is a cutie. He’s just a baby give him a break.

  • Tackle

    That’s a great professional answer from someone so young. He answered that like a seasoned pro. With this admiration and oblivious attraction from both ends, (no pun intended) I bet they’ll be [email protected]#king in private real soon. My gaydar goes off on both. And they would make a hot couple.

  • Milk

    If he is closeted, for sure he is seething inside and piss off at Andrew for shining the light his way. Otherwise. move along nothing to see here. Cheap publicity stunt on Andrew’s part.

  • macmantoo

    @Milk: I don’t know if it was a cheap shot or a dream. To me it would be a dream.

  • AEH

    Blegh? Was Jordan supposed to describe exactly how he’d blow Garfield and pleasure him anally with a bullet vibrator?

  • Dionte

    That would be a hot scene.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Good answer.

  • Charles175

    You know, after all this attention and extreme anxiety over this Zimmerman-Trayvone trial verdict of recent, it is refreshing in the idea of potential love between these two pictured here. Just the idea of this is very touching. And yes, they do make a cute couple.

  • that_dude247

    WOW..Michael B Jordan is 26? It’s been 11 years since the wire? He is good-looking.

  • Kangol

    I’d play his gay lover on screen or off, and have his baby too.

  • Nyruinz


    Exactly, however I am sure he made sure he got andrew garfields number and they are pounding each other as we speak.

  • jasentylar

    M.B.Jordan is a hottie! Mr. Garfield is not in his league.

  • Neonegro

    Damn I am old. I am 45 so of course I have never heard of either actor.

    But people need to take a cold shower, these are actors ACTING.

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