Michael K. Williams Shoots His Load.


We love Doris Day, but we love HBO’s The Wire even more. While we may be a bit behind on the current season, one thing’s for sure, we’ve always held a special place in our heart for Omar Little – the gay Robin Hood of the ‘hood.

Our friends over at After Elton have an outstanding article on the actor who has played Omar for the past four years, Michael K. Williams. In it, Williams discusses hyper-masculinity in black communities, his love of playing gay, and how DJ Sway once called his performance “repulsive.” More importantly, Williams says:

“I am approached by a lot of young gay men,” he says, who comment on how his role has broken many stereotypes about gay people. “It has had a very positive aspect on me, knowing that someone who is really in the lifestyle, telling me thank you – that meant…a lot to me.”

We love him so much we’ll even let the “lifestyle” bit slip.

The Wire’s Michael K. Williams on Playing Gay [After Elton]