Drag Queen Legally Changes Name to Dodge Facebook's Real Name Policy

Misty Chance Christian D'Arcy Drag Queen Facebook Real Name Policy Manchester England United Kingdom
Image Credit: Mercury Press

Meet Misty Chance, who up until the recent crackdown of Facebook’s real name policy was named Christian D’Arcy.

Update: Misty may have jumped the gun. Facebook apologized on Wednesday for the impact their real name policy had on the LGBT and other communities who may need to use pseudonyms. Read more >

Misty, who earns 100% of her income performing as a drag queen in Manchester, has gone to the extreme of legally changing his name in order to dodge the potentially devastating effects of Facebook’s real name policy.

Misty Chance Christian D'Arcy Drag Queen Facebook Real Name Policy Manchester England United Kingdom 02
Image Credit: Facebook

“Around 80% of my bookings come through Facebook because people can look at all my pictures and videos to have a nosey beforehand,” Misty told Mancunian Matters, “When I got the message saying I needed to change to my real name or they would delete my account I did change it straight away as I didn’t want to lose eight years of history. People know me as Misty, and I realized very quickly it was going effect my job. I looked at many options but the only way of doing it was to change my name.”

The 34-year-old, who has been entertaining audiences as Misty for 14 years, is also faced with the daunting task of updating all of his legal documents to reflect his new name. There are also several other issues that might arise from his new name.

“I’ve got to admit I was a bit nervous when the solicitor gave me the option to change my mind. I was just thinking think oh god, what’s my mum going to say? What’s it going to be like when they shout out Misty at the doctors? Going through passport control might be a nightmare.”


Out of drag, however, Misty still plans to go by his birth name.

“I’ve never liked people calling me Misty when I’m not at work. Most people respect that, and usually the only people who do are other drag queens, which is fine as that’s how they know me. But when it comes down to my livelihood, my apartment and keeping Misty going as a business, it wasn’t a very difficult decision at all, I knew I had no choice but to become Misty full-time. But I am still Christian, that’s what I’ve been for 34 years, that’s what my friends and family know me as, and that’s something Facebook can’t change.”

Misty’s name change may not be permanent. He plans to change his name back to Christian if Facebook changes their policy or if he has children.