Beginning of A Broken Record?

Mitt Lambastes Mass. Gay Nups

Yesterday’s victory in Massachusetts sent a powerful message to Americans: gays deserve the same exact rights as every other member of this great nation.

While the vote may encourage other states to grant gays marriage rights, it’s only going to fuel the conservative fire. The reality of gay marriage will set in over the next few weeks and the right-wing wackos will no doubt love to exploit that reality for their anti-social advantage. And trust former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will lead the way. The presidential candidate released the following statement yesterday:

[The] vote by the State Legislature is a regrettable setback in our efforts to defend traditional marriage. Unfortunately, our elected representatives decided that the voice of the people did not need to be heard in this debate. It is now even more important that we pass a Constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. Marriage is an institution that goes to the heart of our society, and our leaders can no longer abdicate their responsibility

The presidential candidate also spoke out against the law while campaigning in Chicago:

I think it’s unfortunate. If you look at the history of the world, every civilized society has defined marriage as the relationship between a man and a woman. And that’s because they’ve recognized that the ideal setting for raising a child is where you have access to both genders.

We dread the coming months, during which Romney will tout his shameless opposition to the law. His history in the Union’s most progressive state may be the kicker for Republicans looking for a “traditional” leader.