Will Civil Union "Support" Sink Endorsements?

Mitt’s Gay “Christmas Present” Pisses Off LaBarbera

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s losing friends. Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera called on pro-family organizations to rescind Romney endorsements.

Apparently LaBarbera objects Romney’s recent appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press, during which the Republican said state-based gay laws “make more sense” than a federal law.

LaBarbera took this soft line to mean Mitt supports the “gay agenda”:

Mitt Romney’s Christmas present to the homosexual lobby disqualifies him as a pro-family leader. Laws that treat homosexuality as a civil right are being used to promote homosexual ‘marriage,’ same-sex adoption and pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren. These same laws pose a direct threat to the freedom of faith-minded citizens and organizations to act on their religious belief that homosexual behavior is wrong.

See, Mitt? That’s what you get when you try to play both for both teams.