Model Speaks Out On “Anti-Gay” Lawsuit

Ben Massing, the model suing gay rag Genre, released the following statement this morning:

Last week I filed a lawsuit in New York based on the unauthorized use, distribution, and publication of my image. One of the photographs was cropped and altered to make me look nude and included my contact information.

Numerous media outlets focused on the fact that the images appear in a publication geared toward the gay community. Based upon these reports, some have mischaracterized me as homophobic, which could not be further from the truth.

The real issue is that I never signed a release or gave permission to use or alter my pictures for adult-themed media. No matter what community the publication attracts, the use of my image in a sexually explicit way without my permission violated my rights.

It seems to us Massing should center his lawsuit around the publication of his personal information. Aside from copyright issues, the image matter becomes a bit hazy: someone who poses in their undies should expect to be objectified – especially when said person looks so good!

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