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  • McMike

    I wonder if we’ll ever get a gay male character that isn’t so typically gay…

  • CurtinNLR

    @McMike: you should check out the (soon to be cancelled) series “Caprica” on scifi, One of the main chaeacters on the show is a very non-stereotypical Gay man. The tough organized crime boss brother of a straight laced lawyer. A very interesting role that got almost no acnowledgdment from the media, gay or straight!

  • Topher

    I don’t think that Mitch is stereotypically gay. In fact, in the pilot, he was quick to get on people’s case about a slanderous term used. In my experience living in Miami, even at gay events, gay people are not quick to stand up for ourselves.

  • Hans

    @Topher: You don’t think he’s stereotypically gay? Watch the clip above. The joke is about how seriously he takes choreography. Jesus.

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