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‘Modern Family’ star goes rogue, confirms fan theories that character is bisexual

When Modern Family premiered in 2009, American sitcom audiences had never seen a gay couple take on such central roles in a series. Now eight years later, the show is still going strong. And it turns out there’s been another LGBTQ character in the main cast this entire time — she just hasn’t come out yet.

Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy, went rogue on Twitter to address a fan theory that her character is bi. And while she hasn’t checked on the official stance with the show’s writers, she feels certain that Haley is bi.

“I don’t know what the writers would say? But I confirm,” Hyland tweeted to a fan who asked if the theory was true.


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Haley has never explicitly expressed interest in dating girls over the course of the series and has had nine boyfriends over the years. However, Hyland feels sure she knows what’s in her character’s heart.

We suspect the writers will embrace this announcement and Haley will be given the opportunity to come out in the fictional universe next season. The show has been lacking in the plot department for quite a while, so why not?

Nobody from Modern Family or ABC, the network that produces the show, has weighed in yet.