More Anglican Drama


Yesterday, we reported on the growing ideological division here in the states: evidenced by the Texan dioscese coming out against gays and their counterparts in Connecticut giving gay unions their tacit stamp of approval. Today we head down to Australia, where yet another holy division’s taken hold.

It all started when Dr. Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney, received what Pink News UK describes as “an anguished letter” urging him to align his Church with the more conservative churches. While Jensen hesitates to describe the sequence of religious rows as a “schism” – that is, a split in the Church – he does admit some big changes. He says:

…I have always said that it is more likely that we will see its devolution into a looser federation of churches, networking across old lines in new ways. Indeed, I think that this has now begun to occur.

And how. According to 365 Gay, the Archbishop led a vote in Australia yesterday which confirmed his dioscese’s desire to form a new division within the Anglican church.

The feud within the worldwide Anglican Church over gay clergy and same-sex blessings widened on Monday with the diocese of Sydney voting to support a call to divide the Church into two divisions – one for conservatives, the other for liberals.

You know what, we’re tired off all this religious bickering. Why can’t all the religious leaders in the world get together, strip down, get oiled up, and have a good ol’ fashion wrestling match?

On second thought: we take it back. The thought of Pope Benedict XVI oiled and naked just lowered our sperm count…