More Good Election News: Cincinnati Elects Its First Gay Council Member

In some ways, yesterday’s election results were a referendum on the GOP and its plan to turn America into a right-wing, reactionary regime, state by state. The good news is many of their high-profile campaigns—like Mississippi’s anti-choice  “personhood” ballot measure and Ohio’s union-busting Issue 2—failed.

Want a cherry on top? Chris Seelbach became the first out city council member in Cincinnati, a town not exactly known for its progressive values.

Seelbach, 31, a former staffer for Vice Mayor David Crowley, worked to overturn a law that banned labeling LGBT people as a protected class in 2004. He now works as a vice president at a local marketing firm and co-chairs the Cincinnati branch of HRC.

All in all, voters in Cincinnati (a.k.a. the Queen city) ousted four Republicans from the council—in part a backlash against Issue 2, which would’ve limited the collective bargaining rights of unions.

“I think the voters clearly decided they wanted a progressive council,” said Mayor Mark Mallory. “I am thrilled for the city of Cincinnati.”

Seelbach—a Kentucky transplant lives with his partner, Craig, in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood—seems like a right-on dude,. And he’s not exactly hard on the eyes either. Check him out in a campaign commercial below.