More NFL Stars Express Support For Jason Collins

jason collinsThe positive response to Jason Collins’ decision to live openly as a gay man continues with NFL star and former New York Giants player Tiki Barber and Cleveland Browns’ Shayne Graham both offering strong support for their fellow pro athlete.

Barber told writer David Caplan he found the news to be fantastic and notes a precedent of sorts.

“Obviously there have been previous gay atheletes who have come out; Martina Navratilova, being the first one to do it in 1981,” Tiki said. “So it’s great that it’s happneing in a team sport, and it’s a male dominated team sport.

“And it starts the discussion,” he continued. “I think ultimately the issue is not in the locker room — it’s way above the locker room. The talk has started and that’s the most important thing.”

Graham said the concept of gay men in sports was hardly a surprise but thinks the players athletic prowess is what’s most important.

“I’ve always felt that wherever and whenever we know what the issues are, we knew it would be a matter of time before we would see someone do that,” he said. “And as long as that person is comfortable enough and is treated fairly  in the locker rooms, by the players and the coaches and the organizations and the leagues.”
He added: “Hopefully it doesn’t make it an issue and everything just stays smooth like it is and people just try to win basketball games and win games, whatever sport. Just win games, that’s what it’s all about.”