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Mormon Church Mildly Ashamed Over Boyd K. Packer Saying God Would Never Intentionally Create Homos

Evidently not so proud that Boyd K. Packer claimed god would never punish mankind by making some people gay, LDS has toned down the second-in-command’s anti-gay rhetoric in the official version of his Sunday speech. ‘Cause who needs a historical record of Packer saying the lord would never let anybody be a fag?

At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ annual General Conference on Sunday, Packer — the Mormon Church elder opposed to interracial marriage — told his 20,000-strong audience, “There are those today who’d not only tolerate but advocate voting to change laws that would legalize immorality,” and that, “Some suppose that they were pre-set and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and unnatural. Not so. Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone? Remember, he is our Father.”

Except in this edited version of Packer’s speech, some lines — like “Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?” — have gone missing.

We teach a standard of moral conduct that will protect us from Satan’s many substitutes or counterfeits for marriage. We must understand that any persuasion to enter into any relationship that is not in harmony with the principles of the gospel must be wrong. From the Book of Mormon we learn that “wickedness never was happiness.”13

Some suppose that they were preset and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn temptations toward the impure and unnatural. Not so! Remember, God is our Heavenly Father.

Paul promised that “God . . . will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”14 You can, if you will, break the habits and conquer an addiction and come away from that which is not worthy of any member of the Church. As Alma cautioned, we must “watch and pray continually.”15

(Notice that “inborn tendencies” is now “inborn temptations.”)

As it turns out, removing elements of hate speech is just standard practice, LDS spokesman Scott Trotter says in a thinly veiled statement released Friday night: “The Monday following every General Conference, each speaker has the opportunity to make any edits necessary to clarify differences between what was written and what was delivered or to clarify the speaker’s intent. President Packer has simply clarified his intent. As we have said repeatedly, the Church’s position on marriage and family is clear and consistent. It is based on respect and love for all of God’s children.”

Or maybe that’s just how LDS responds when some 100,000 signatures are collected calling on Packer to recant his statements and thousands form a human circle around its headquarters.

Luckily there will always and forever be a permanent record of what Packer — who is in line to succeed Thomas Spencer Monson as president — said that fateful Sunday. Videotape doesn’t lie.

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Boyd K. Packer A No Show At Salt Lake City’s Group Cuddle Party In Front of Mormon Church

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  • AdonisOfFire

    So now that old crusty piece of shit claims to not only be right about his hate but also thinks he possesses God’s infinite wisdom to understand what would and wouldn’t make sense?

    So, let me get this right…so he thinks God made a mistake? Or that we are manufactured by the devil himself?

    What a stupid old cunt, please someone put this senile bitch in the retirement home already.

    We are all beautiful in our own way because GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES, I was born this way…and God has a purpose for me and for everyone. God even has a purpose for that old rotten piece of shit, probably teaching us about the evil of living in the past…but that’s how it is, the beast of ignorance roars louder when it has been mortally wounded.

    For the revolution of the world!

  • robert in nyc

    Its the same mindset of almost all religious cults, especially the roman cult. They change a word here and there to make it sound less offensive but underneath that, they’re bigots. Their obsession with our sexuality and sex lives above everything else is mind-boggling but revealing.

  • Cam

    The Mormons ALWAYS try to rewrite history. The internet is killing them on this, because they have always lied about their history.

    For Example, one of their lies is that not many practiced Polygomy and the only reason they did is because some women’s husbands died on the trip out to Utah from Illinois, so men with another wife married them so they would have a family. But now, with the internet a wuick search will show you that the leader of the Mormons had around 20 wives before they even left illinois for the trip to Utah, one of them was only 14 years old, so obviously none of these women had husbands who died on the journey out to Utah when in fact the journey hadn’t happened yet.

    So again, the Mormons ALWAYS try to lie about their history, change or hide facts. This current example is no different.

    Boyd Packer is a bigoted racist and this man is one of the leaders of their church.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Mormons have the most fucked up view of God…
    What I’m about to tell you is actually what they believe, though they will deny it, but it’s 100% true to what they teach.

    They believe God is an alien being with “Starwives” and with them had a millions of little gods, his two elders were Jesus and Satan (who happened to be twins). Satan wanted humanity to achieve God without pain, while Jesus thought humans could only reach God through pain and thus a war started. Those who sided with Satan were turned into evil spirits (demons) and those who sided with Jesus were born blonde/blue-eyed to Mormon families (for you can only be a true mormon if you are born a mormon), and those who didn’t choose a side WERE PUNISHED BY BEING BORN WITH DARK SKIN.

    They believe God appeared in physical form and fucked Mary to give Jesus a human body.

    And the purpose of their “missions” is not to turn people to Jesus/God, but because they believe that one day each mormon will become God of his own planet and everybody they turned into a mormon will become their subjects! and of course, only those born mormons can become gods, everybody else is just cattle.

  • robert in nyc

    Cam, No.3. The fact that their leader took a 14 year old girl as one of his wives proves they were and may still be child molesters. In those days, you weren’t an adult until you reached the age of 21. Now I wonder how they would justify their argument today that same-sex marriage would induce that kind of behavior and as such, pose a threat to marriage? They’ve been doing a pretty good job of it themselves for more than a century. In fact, though polygamy was disavowed by their cult, I think it was around 1894, they allegedly ex-communicate members who still practice it, yet in Utah, very few of these straight bigamists are ever prosecuted as they are elsewhere in the country. That has been going on long before same-sex marriage were a blip on the radar. Its all about bigotry and hypocrisy and they have it in abundance, along with all the other religious cults out there. All a bunch of liars.

  • Kent Peterson

    The Morons are the biggest dimwits on the planet. They want to rule the US like they did California, when Mormons, who are 2% of the population, were able to hit the ground running with millions upon millions of their sheeple’s cash, and using the media to scare the bejesus out of the straights, especially about “THE CHILDREN!!!” Gasp!.

    As a proud EX-Mormon, I say they take their hate and shove it. e refuse to live under the laws of the land of Zion. Mormons are hateful to family members who do not toe the line, whether they are gay or just rebels. So much for their talk of family – that is all it really is. Do not fall for their fake smiles and friendly faces. They are the wicked ones, killing thousands of young gay Mormons with their hate filled rhetoric. I say DOWN WITH THE MORMON CHURCH!!!

  • MiKem

    What arrogance! As God said to Job,

    “Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? “Now gird up your loins like a man, And I will ask you, and you instruct Me! “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding”

    Where was this jackass when God laid down the universe?

    He was dust!

  • Adam

    @AdonisOfFire: You’re right on some things, a few things you said are hyperbolized, and a few are just plain wrong.

  • Chris H

    @Adam: Could you please clarify the actual beliefs, then? Instead of just pointing out others’ faults, make an effort to correct them?

  • Cung Vo

    “I speech in the name of God”. Really?

  • Steve

    The only people Jesus ever criticized were the priests and pharisees. He forgave everyone else, unconditionally. He condemned the priests and pharisees for the sin of hypocrisy.

    Throughout history, some people have claimed to know what God wants, or what God would or would not do. In every historical case, they used those claims to obtain power and wealth. The usual method was to condemn the person for some sin, and then sell them forgiveness for a high price. Any priest who excludes anyone from communion, or from the temple, or from any aspect of the church, is guilty.

    Whey would God make some people gay? As a gift to those people, and to test the priests.

  • Seth R.


    You guys do realize that the LDS Church published the altered version of the speech almost an entire day BEFORE the protests or letters started coming in – right?

    The change had nothing to do with gay activism – is was merely an internal change made because the LDS Church takes no position on the “nature vs. nurture” question with respect to homosexuality.

    The current LDS position is that homosexual inclinations are not sinful, but that homosexual SEX is. And this position was formed years BEFORE the whole Proposition 8 incident.

    The reality is, Mormons have been unpopular for a long time for a variety of reasons. Don’t think that gay activism had anything to do with this change. It was already made before anyone started fussing about it.

  • obiwan

    Pornography is a plague: why is it that I have heard the Utahans are amongst the highest consumers of internet pornography in the country? And if Mormons, a majority of Utah, are such avid consumers of pornography, why are they so puritanical about their views of chastity? Is there are little bit of hypocrisy in this mismatch of viewpoints versus behavior? Mormons preach love, yet Utah has a high rate of homeless youth and youth suicide. There seems to be a lack of love in actual practice.

  • Sapphocrat

    @Seth R.: Ummm… _You_ do realize the gay blogosphere and your own precious bloggernacle has been abuzz over Packer’s hate speech since the moment he delivered it last Sunday, don’t you?

    Yes, I’m sure you do know that already. Fail.


    I have talked privately with a mormon that works for me. They are completely wacked as a religion. Theywant to go back to ozzy and harriet times. Back when Rosa Parks was still in the back of the bus. They make Jerry Falwell look like a gay activist.

    May they burn in hell for eternity

  • Cam

    @Seth R.: said..


    You guys do realize that the LDS Church published the altered version of the speech almost an entire day BEFORE the protests or letters started coming in – right?

    Once again a perfect example of a Mormon Lying. Seth, the blogsphere lit up right away, the church has been getting nailed by bad PR over this whole thing, the same way that they were over their racism a while ago.

    Oh SEth, and your comment of ”
    The reality is, Mormons have been unpopular for a long time for a variety of reasons.” Was a nice try, since you are taught that any time anybody dissagrees with your church it’s because you are poor victims being picked on, but the problem is, you are the attackers, your church is the one that gave electroshock to gays, your church is the one that advocated for separation of the races, and would not allow blacks full membership in the church, your church is the one that illegally broke campaign contribution rules for non-profits and tried to force your views on the state of CA.

    So stop trying to play the victim. Any time that the Mormon church has EVER had a choice between bigotry or acceptance, your church has chosen bigotry EVERY SINGLE TIME. That makes you bad people.

    As for your church’s supposed view on homosexuality, don’t try that lie. Parents are told that their children are no longer their children, they have been taken over by something evil and should be sent out from the house so they don’t infect their siblings.

    See, you are used to lying because you think people don’t know anything about your church, the problem is, you kick out all the gays and they are all out here spreading the word about you.

    So once again,
    You and yours….bigots, racists, liars, and bad people by any difinition of the word.

    Gays, victims of your bigotry.

  • Ron in NY

    Mormons are scum. I just watched a video called “8-The Mormon Proposition” which tells how that church poured millions into the Prop 8 Same-Sex Marriage issue in California. They coerced members of their church into writing checks based on what they could afford. It made me ill. Why these bastards (and the Westboro Baptist Church run by that instrument of Satin, Fred Phelps)are still tax-exempt is beyond my comprehension. They call themselves Mormons because certainly aren’t Christians. Westboro Baptist should change its name to Westboro Insane Asylum. Those people are raving lunatics.

  • B

    No. 12 · obiwan wrote, “Pornography is a plague: why is it that I have heard the Utahans are amongst the highest consumers of internet pornography in the country?”

    Well, where else are they going to get it if the Mormons shut down all the “adult” stores selling the stuff?

  • Tiffany

    @AdonisOfFire: I love non-LDS people telling us what we believe. Starwives?? What the crap is that?

    I can see how Elder Packer’s talk might have been taken the wrong way, but the truth is– we believe in heterosexuality. Gays believe in homosexuality. Let us believe what we want, and you guys believe what you want. I don’t care if that’s what you want to believe in, in fact I love my gay friends, they’re some of the sweetest people I know. Do I love that they’re gay? Well, no, but I still love them.

    And yes, there are a few Mormons who are homophobes. It’s a sad fact and I wish they weren’t, but let’s face it– that’s not a Mormon-exclusive thing. There are people all over the world that are homophobes. It’s not fair to peg all of these anti-gay bullying suicides on the Mormons. Have you heard of catholicism?? And there’s, like, millions more of them…

    Anyway, you can think what you want, but if you really want to know what we believe go to Not the anti-mormon sites it sounds like you’ve been visiting.

  • Sapphocrat

    @Tiffany: And which side has been waging a campaign to eradicate the other of its civil rights for more than a decade?

    We’ll make a deal with you: You get your church to stop interfering in the lives of non-Mormons with its deep-monied anti-gay campaigns, and we’ll go back to not giving a shit what you believe or practice.

  • Soupy

    Tiffany, do I love that you’re straight? Well no, but you would make a terrible lesbian, so what choice do you have?

  • Cassandra


    Your post was comedic gold.

    “I love non-LDS people telling us what we believe. Starwives?? What the crap is that?

    I can see how Elder Packer’s talk might have been taken the wrong way, but the truth is– we believe in heterosexuality. Gays believe in homosexuality.”

    Here you are telling homosexuals what they believe, even as you whine about people researching the LDS on-line and reporting what they find.

    The Latter Day Saints lied about the lives of GLBTQ people in one anti-gay campaign after another.

    “Let us believe what we want, and you guys believe what you want.”

    If only you guys would do that, but gosh darn it all, your denomination keeps funding anti-gay legislation that deprives us of basic human rights, convinces everyone else we are a danger to society, and drives GLBTQ teens to suicide.

    “Do I love that they’re gay? Well, no, but I still love them.”

    Then you do not really love them.

    “And yes, there are a few Mormons who are homophobes.”
    It is more than a few. The bulk of the money for Prop 8, as just one example, came from Mormons trying to force everyone else to live by their sexual beliefs.

    “It’s a sad fact and I wish they weren’t, but let’s face it– that’s not a Mormon-exclusive thing. There are people all over the world that are homophobes. It’s not fair to peg all of these anti-gay bullying suicides on the Mormons. Have you heard of catholicism?? And there’s, like, millions more of them…”

    So, its ok for your church to destroy the lives of other people, to discriminate against us, to oppress millions of people, because other people are doing it too? If the Catholic were shoveling Jews into gas chambers, would the Mormons do it too?


  • Herbert Wassinger

    This guy is really fucked up!!! Really!!!

  • Cam

    @Tiffany: said..

    “I can see how Elder Packer’s talk might have been taken the wrong way, but the truth is– we believe in heterosexuality.”


    Oh Sweetie, Taken the wrong way? What a perfect example of the Mormon Passive Agressive deflection.

    They will claim that something was taken the wrong way but will never say, how, or what he actually meant to say. This man attacked gays and also advocated for the separation of the races. So, in what way are we mistaking that he is a bigot?

    You believe in Hetrosexuality? And to push your belief, you are braking campaign laws and attacking another group of people, the same way Mormons have always attacked other races, women, and those different from you. You are bigots and bad people.

  • obiwan

    If I were to listen to Apostle Boyd Packer’s speech without knowing the history of LDS homophobia and the repercussions of that homophobia, I would have a more tolerant view of the LDS leader’s speech. There is a very sad history that goes beyond the Mormons’ active involvement in the culture wars of the past three decades. Mormon children are cast out from their families if they are gay, or the suicides of LDS gay youth. In the past young gay men endured frontal lobotomies as a cure for same sex attraction, and were left vegetables in long term care facilities. And the gruesome treatment some gay men encountered at BYU to try to cure the gay out of them. (ie shock treatment)

    There is a famous Biblical quote that “judge and ye shall be judged.” We have seen the outing of hypocrites in American public life: televangelists, such as Haggard or Eddie Long or Jimmy Schweigert; politicians such as Roy Cohn or Marc Foley or Senator Craig; or other people who have claimed to be arbiters of morality. There are countless anonymous or open watchers who peruse these arbiters of morality carefully. (perhaps the watchers are angels) Natural law dictates that since these self-righteous people have been so judgmental, now it is time for them to be judged. It is inevitable that the LDS church and leadership will be further judged since they have been so self-righteously judgmental. Perhaps one of their leaders will be in the public eye like Eddie Long or Ted Haggard, and will join them in the hall of fame of the ignominious. Judge and ye shall be judged.

  • AdonisOfFire


    Bitch fuck you, you KNOW I am telling the truth yet you deny it, you will go to hell for being a liar, a sin is a sin, and lying is a sin. If I am going to hell for being gay you are going to hell too for denying the truth about what you guys believe in. See you in hell bitch! I bet it will be just like Ibiza, and we’ll use the writings of Joseph Smith as toilet paper.

  • Percy

    seriously this is the most hate filled comments section that I have ever read, this is seriously exponentially worse than anything Boyd K. Packer has ever said. have you ever heard the expression throwing gas on the fire, you really think that the attitudes shown in these comments will benefit anyone? while these comments don’t change my political view they do make me ashamed to be pro gay.

  • AdonisOfFire


    LOL, you were already ashamed, you were already submissive, you were already weak, so bitch take a seat already. If you were pro-gay you would be fighting fiercely like I am, not hiding your head in the sand.

  • Bgoat88

    @HATES THE LDS: That’s a lot of hatred. That’s really not good to say… You do realize in hating someone else you only hurt yourself right? Anytime you say someone should burn in hell you should really stop and realize that’s where your going if you harbor such hatred.

  • Percy

    @AdonisOfFire: nice argument man really nice. all your really doing is insulting me to discredit anything I say, that is a commonly known as ad hominem. by the way no I am not submissive, and I am not weak, and I suggest you meet a person before saying things like that, because someday you’ll get a three hundred pound Tongan on your doorstep. also I should rephrase my ashamed comment, I feel ashamed that the statements above can in any way be associated with my political views. P.S. not Hiding my head in the sand, one of my nicknames is gay man, I am well known around my school for my views

  • jon

    I wish that all Faggots would burn already!!! fuck you faggots!!!!!!!

  • SoylentDiva


    Boy, you’re just full of Christ’s love, aren’t you?

  • jon

    Im not christian mother fucker, Im a biggot, racist and proud of it. queers should get over themselves and do the world a favor. KILL YOURSELF MOTHER FUCKERS!!

  • Chris H

    @jon: honey, I wouldn’t fuck your mother or you even if I were wearing a strap-on dildo so I wouldn’t have to clorox disinfect my own penis.

    We’re all collectively sorry that you can’t get laid, really.

  • ewe

    @jon: lmao. i am laughing so hard that you are probably having a heart attack with your vile bigotry. I wanted to tell you that the Westboro Baptist Church is probably looking for a stud to impregnate their inbred clan. You sound like a perfect candidate. And by the way, burn in hell and feel free to take your god with you.

  • Percy

    @AdonisOfFire: listen dude from what i have read of your comments you appear to have no respect for any viewpoint other than your own, whatever happened to tolerance. seriously though man I have yet to see you say anything that is not purposely inflamitory, asinine, or insulting. grow up ya jackass

  • Jessica Renae

    As a Mormon, I would like just like to say that we believe that homosexuality is a tendency, but not a definitive feature of who one is. We believe our attractions do not define us (e.g. someone attracted to children is not a pedophile unless he/she acts on it), and that we have a choice to act on what we feel is right instead of our purely physical desires. This is actually a very empowering notion, and not one meant to condemn anyone or condone hatred. It is simply a statement of belief. It is any individual’s own fault for misconstruing this as a call for hatred. It is not.

    Our true religion is one of following Christ, which means love for everyone, regardless of weaknesses or differences. Of course members fall short of this all the time– and I don’t believe any member with any sense at all would profess to be perfect. Please don’t judge the whole church based on wayward members who you feel hate from– they may not be practicing what we preach. And judging entire churches without being better informed about what they believe is bigotry at work as well.

  • the crustybastard

    @Jessica Renae said, “As a Mormon, I would like just like to say that we believe that homosexuality is a tendency, but not a definitive feature of who one is. We believe our attractions do not define us…


    Your religion has chosen to dedicate a great deal of effort and money to defining one segment of the population by such “homosexual tendencies,” precisely for the purpose of using the law to persecute them because your faith disapproves of them.

    We are human beings and fellow citizens. We are not “tendencies.”

    Naturally, as a Mormon, you must play your victim card, but the fact is that judging gays without being better informed is bigotry, and you, madam, are a bigot.

    Your church may be fairly defined by its actions. Your church chooses to promote bigotry. Merely observing that fact is not, in itself, bigotry any more than observing someone fishing is also fishing.

  • Sapphocrat

    @Jessica Renae: As a critical thinker unbound by dogma, I would like just like to say that religion is a lifestyle choice, not a definitive feature of who one is. We understand that your willingness to believe the fairy stories of a teenage con man and adulterous child molester do not define you (btw, people who repeat made-up words and exchange secret club handshakes through a curtain while wearing bakers’ hats and green aprons aren’t necessarily Freemasons, even though their entire “religion” is just a cheap ripoff of Freemasonry), and that you have a choice to act on what any sane, compassionate human being feels is right instead of the baseless homophobic garbage stuffed into your empty skulls from birth by the old, white lawyers and business who run LDS, Inc., and who probably believe that bullshit as much as I do, but they use it to keep you cowed, stupid, and ponying up your tithes, lest they withhold those precious temple recommends. This is actually a very idiotic notion, and not one meant to get you into the “celestial kingdom,” but to keep you from thinking for yourself. It is simply stupidity. It is any individual’s own fault for falling for it.

    Your true religion is one of greedy power brokers, which means you keep supplying the Quorum of Twelve with their fancy suits and their charter jets, regardless of how much they laugh at your gullibility behind closed doors. Of course the church keeps you busy all the time with “callings” and other meaningless busywork, so that you don’t notice how astonishingly hypocritical, mean-spirited, and un-Christlike it really is. But I don’t believe any active member has enough sense to look critically at the men who control your lives — and ours — when you keep insisting that the crusty old bugger at the top is a “Prophet” who gets his marching orders (and yours) directly from God — which, incidentally, is called paranoid schizophrenia, not “revelation.” We will continue to judge the whole church based on the tens of thousands of assholes who mortgaged away their homes, spent their weekends putting up lawn signs, and launched blogs just to demonize us for the sole purpose of stripping us of our civil rights in California, and in every other state where your church has been fucking with our lives since 1998. And thinking you have the first clue about the very real damage and pain your church has caused millions of innocent strangers who were never a threat to you or to your fucking “religion” without being better informed is the height of typical Mormon arrogance, condescension and superiority, with a dose of cognitive diossonance so massive, I’m amazed you haven’t blacked out from it yet.

    As as for your comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia: How dare you? How fucking DARE you? I might have passed by without responding to you, but that “pedophile” crack is the limit — it is one of the countless filthy lies your “brethren” continue to spread about us. What’s sick is that you probably believe it — which means you are beyond reach, beyond help, beyond hope.

    What’s really pathetic is that you don’t even know how ignorant you are and how hateful you sound. I’d pity you if your type wasn’t fucking up my life and the lives if all my LGBT family. Yeah, FAMILY, lady — my FAMILY.

    Now, go back to your Mommy Mormon Blog and whine to all the other mommies about the big, mean lesbian who said bad things about your church (and used four-letter words, too!) — and then start another post about how PERFECT your life is, how PERFECT your husband is, and how PERFECT your children are — oh, and don’t forget to post 500 pictures of your latest ultrasound, and of that adorable Kodak moment of Jarrett Nephi Levi, Jr., puking his green Jell-O up all over the cheesy Relief Society plaques in your front hall.

    But feel free to come back when your “Prophet” has a “revelation” about gays — the way an earlier one had a sudden “revelation” about blacks (but only after your church was in danger of losing its tax-exempt status), and an even earlier one had one about polygamy (but only after the federal government threatened to withhold Utah’s statehood). Gee, it’s funny the way those “revelations” work…

  • jon

    go kill yourself! BAHAHAHAHAHA. Pussy queers killing themselves makes me laugh so hard. You guys are retards! Ill tell you what the solution should be for this whole queer pandemic. You guys can be gay, on an island. We will put you on an island in the middle of the ocean. They you faggots can be gay together all you want. You guys eventually will die off because you wont be able to reproduce. hahahaha. idiots. that sound fair? Fuck you guys and your faggot ideas.

  • Mike Johnson

    I think the gays have it right. The laws of God just oppress us as a people. Allow gays to do whatever they want like get married, adopt kids, get divorced, and while we are at it, boycott free speech and the 10 commandments. Who needs some worthless out of date oppressive commands like do not lie, cheat, steal, KILL, or commit adultery. Who are the morons who pass laws based on these so called ‘commandments’ anyway? Didn’t some imaginary guy named Moses just make them up to make us feel bad?

    Toss out the commandments, repeal all the laws, and let us do whatever we want without consequence, including any of the 10 commandments. Yes, the gays are right. Life would be so much better without pretending there is a judgement of God.

    Of course the only law that ‘everyone’ claims to want passed is to restrict anyone from saying evil is evil.

  • robert in nyc

    Ewe….I think “Jon” is protesting too much, draw your own conclusions. We all know where he’s coming from of course, but he’s too much of a moron to understand what we’re saying. Its clear he’s not comfortable about his so called “straight” orientation and if he were, I doubt if he’d be trolling gay blogsites to mouth of his frustration and venomous comments. These people have a lot of demons, sad.

  • SoylentDiva


    Two snaps up in a circle.

  • tg

    Did any of you even listen to his talk? He was talking about Porn. Go back and listen/read his entire talk. Why would anyone get offended by the sentence “Some suppose that they were pre-set and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and unnatural. Not so. Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone? Remember, he is our Father.”

    The only people that would get offended are those who think they themselves are impure and unnatural. Are you? If so, go ahead and be offended.

  • Vman455

    @tg: No, he was not talking about pornography, unless you somehow construe his references to “counterfeit marriages” to denote that. Church leaders in the past have not been afraid to use the term “pornographic images” over the pulpit in General Conference, and if he had meant that here, Packer would have used it too. The question is, did YOU even listen to his talk?

  • ewe

    Anyone who attempts to say that god is speaking to them (in their own native language no less) should be hauled away in a straight jacket for treatment.

  • Vman455

    @Mike Johnson: Ever hear of a logical fallacy called a “slippery slope”?

  • ewe

    Only someone using god as their weapon would even be allowed to spread their pychiatric illness to such a large audience unaddressed as fucking nuts.

  • ewe

    Why do so many people assume anyone who puts a suit and tie on is ll of a sudden an expert. Happens all the time. Dumb dumb dumb. Listen to the bullshit coming out of carbon copy Fallwell blob.

  • robert in nyc

    Ewe, No. 43…that would apply to virtually almost every religious cult, they all believe that some unproven deity speaks to them. I suppose the 9/11 perpetrators could make the same claim when they bombed the World Trade Center. Bush claimed that “god” spoke to him directly and that the war in Iraq according to the right wing scumbags in his party was “god’s” work. Pat Robertson was one of them. Imagine a world without those psychopathically sick, demented morons. The republican party is replete with them and their followers are no better.

  • Vman455

    @AdonisOfFire: Mostly right. Here are the errors:

    To Mormons, God is not an “alien being,” but an exalted (perfected) human. This is summed up in the statement made by former Pres. Snow, “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.”

    “Starwives” is not a term in the Mormon vocabulary; although the belief is there, it is rarely talked about. I grew up Mormon in a prominent church family (fill in the blanks: Y—g), and I have never heard this word used.

    Mormons do not believe that Jesus and Satan (Lucifer) are twins, but that they are our elder brothers. Their story is, Lucifer wanted to compel us to follow God’s commandments while on Earth, while Jesus wanted us to choose for ourselves. Those who sided with Lucifer were “cast out of heaven,” while those who sided with Jesus were sent here to be tempted by the former. Mormons believe that everyone who has ever and who ever will live chose to follow Jesus–dark skin has nothing to do with it (that’s an entirely different, and fucked up, matter).

    You don’t have to be born Mormon to become a god; they believe that you do have to convert and be married (sealed) in the temple. As far as the purpose of missions: those converted by the missionaries do not become future subjects of the converter in the Mormon system. However, there is a sense that by saving other souls, one increases one’s chances of attaining exaltation and becoming a god eventually. Also, missions are very useful for assuring the allegiance of members. Complete dependence on the church for two years will do that to you.


    Finally, to inject a little moderation into this thread–I came out to the rest of my Mormon siblings this weekend, and also announced my engagement to a man. No one disowned me, there weren’t any arguments, I wasn’t kicked out, I wasn’t told I was lost or going to hell. I realize that I’m pretty lucky, and that things could have been very bad. But I had no way of knowing that, and I was relieved to hear that some of my siblings want us to visit so they can meet my fiance. It is not my intention to apologize for church members that do ostracize and demonize gays and lesbians (Lord knows there are enough of them out there), but let’s keep in mind that, just like any other organization, there are bad apples and good apples. To label all Mormons bigots that should burn in hell for eternity is as inaccurate as asserting that all gays are sex-crazed maniacs. That’s all I want to say.

  • ewe

    @robert in nyc: You always make perfect sense to me Robert.

  • Edge


    I like to not lien on the side of any religion as I think they are manipulative and change the words when it pleases them but Im aware of what Mormons believe and what you described is definitely not true and false from the first word to the last! Maybe before you decide to comment anywhere do your homework first! Have a great day


    Because we can type, and we have the means to opinion, we post?

  • Micah

    I am a person who generally gets along with everybody, when they do not cause a threat to myself or my family. I am friends with people wether they are hated or not, such as my friend in High School, who was unpopular and thought of as gay. I love people (with no sexual meaning). If you love your ways as a gay, do you seek to make others uncomfortable by experiencing them, or do you seek to establish your own comfort among them and live in peace. Your commitments to ‘love’ will define whether you can ever be satisfied with you agenda. “The lonely heart recieves no answer, but that it makes plain what it lost” (see my site when it is updated).

  • ewe

    @Micah: Hey, to each his own, i mean i don’t mind that you are straight as long as you keep it to yourself. AND TELL THAT TO THE CULTURE NEXT TIME YOU MEET WITH THEM PLEASE. They might want to curb the promotion of heterosexuality by starting with the morning cereal box and your favorite cartoon. It goes on from there until you shut your eyes at night after jerkin off to cosmetically carved titties and bleached blonde hair.

  • Sapphocrat

    @jon: I’m a lesbian, you moron. Oh, sorry — that’s probably too big a word for you to understand. I’d tell you to go ask a responsible adult to explain what it means, but it’s obvious there are no responsible adults taking care of you.

  • Sapphocrat

    @Chris H: Oh, Chris, no — be happy it isn’t getting laid! It may get more hostile and potentially violent that way, but at least there’s no chance of it breeding.

  • Kira


    We may be pussies, but at least we fuck other humans instead of our livestock. (You do know you can’t procreate by doing your sheep up the ass, right?)

  • robert in nyc

    Sapphocrat….so the teapartyer Jon wants us to be exiled to an island where we can all die off because we can’t breed. Hmmmm, obviously his education is so poor that he hasn’t heard of artificial insemination or invitro fertilization, and I’m sure there are plenty of bisexual men and women who could quite easily procreate. What an idiot he is. Maybe he’s off his meds. All that rage about us is quite revealing.

  • ewe

    @jon: Your mind is a malignant open sore that will consume you soon enough.

  • SoylentDiva

    @robert in nyc:

    Dumbass seems to think “gay” = “sterile”. Of course when you’re so consumed with hate it eats what little brain you have so you actually think stupid shit like that.

  • blod

    1)You can hardly say that the text for the comments have “gone missing,” since the edit for the written copy was announced on KSL News the next evening. It is normal to edit for the print copy if a speaker prefers to convey what he meant rather than how it came out. I would have thought that leaving it as was for print would have hurt more gay people uneccesarily. Isn’t that the whole point! Apparently Boyd K. Packer does not consider himself too perfect to amend his words.
    2) If he swore at you like some of you are using words against Mormons, there would be a big fuss. Who is trying to change whose views. Who is hurling crude epithets at whom? WHether a person is gay, or chooses to live a gay life is less important than how he treats others, Mormon or not.
    Ask yourself if you would have the courage to amend your verbal errors.

  • blod

    @Vman455: well said!

  • ewe

    @blod: shut the fuck up. You have audacity to bitch and scream about people using four letter words while you ugly hearted mormon fucks go around killing the souls of other human beings solely for being gay. Burn in your hell and get lost.

  • ewe

    @Vman455: You are in a dream world. Mormons judge gay people for being gay and that all by itself is enough to tell any mormon to go to hell and mind their own damn business. Don’t sit in denial. You are either delusional or a damn liar.

  • Sapphocrat

    @ewe: I wish the rating system still worked — you’d get a big thumbs-up from me.

  • wendy

    I don’t know just how many people like this J-O and/or appreciate him. I am a member of the church, and I think that he a closeminded, foul mouthed, prejudice, opinionated a-hole. The church is a little ashamed of him? They should be fully ashamed of him and kick him out of the church. I don’t know why he is an apostle. He is just so hateful. He should be dumped from the membership of the lds church. Hey, alot of the members are jerks, but this guy is totally over the line. Hope that he dies before they make him part of the first presidency. The man is a psycho!

  • Tyler

    it was a really good talk

  • Tyler

    i think pres. packer outlined it clearly, people believe that its impossible to not be gay, but that would be against gods will, he doesnt take our agency away from us, just as he explained, its like saying that a murderer is justified because he was raised in a situation with alot of killing surrounding him. and that he was born a killer. it was the killers choice, aswell as the unnatural homosexaul activity. lol, look wat happened to sodom and gommorah

  • Sapphocrat

    @Tyler: Why don’t you make one of those commercials for your church, since you represent it so well?

    “I’m Tyler. I like trolling gay websites and posting the most inflammatory, offensive bullshit I can think of, like comparing gays to murderers, just to piss the pansies off. And I’m a Mormon.”

  • Rebekah

    I support President Boyd K. Packer. I will always stand by him.

  • [email protected]

    @Rebekah: Hopefully you and your Boyd will be horizontal very soon. Let’s just say that i would not be the least bit disappointed with that Deary. That tsunami must be your fault for being you. Now that explains it all nice and nicey like don’t it?

  • greenmanTN

    Yes, by all means put your faith in a religion started by a convicted con-man! (Before “finding the golden tablets” the inestimable Joseph Smith was jailed for scamming money from people who paid him to use a dowsing rod to find buried treasure on their property.) The Mormon Church is a scam created by a professional liar.

    Mormonism is no more than the 19th Century version of Scientology. Freedom of religion dictates that people can believe pretty much whatever the hell they want, but when they meddle in politics the way the LDS do they ought to be paying taxes on all that money they extort from their membership. And if you believe the Mormon Church is being honest about the degree to which they contributed both money and manpower to Prop8 and similar anti-gay political measures, I suggest you Google the Mormon concept of “lying for the lord” which basically boils down to “it’s OK to lie if it makes the LDS look good or keeps them out of trouble.”

  • fred

    the lds church is a very evil org.they are a hate groupe i am so glad to be out..i would like to see the terrest bomb the lds church office building and the whole down town area..kill all the leaders

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