Moscow Mayor Calls Gays “Satanists”

Meanwhile, in actual news, Moscow’s mayor Yury Luzhkov insists that he’ll never allow gays to march through his beloved city. You may recall Luzhkov refused to permit last year’s march, setting off a legal battle gay rights activists promise to take to the Russian Supreme Court.

In a televised speech, Luzhkov reiterated his stance:

Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as satanic… We did not let the parade take place then, and we are not going to allow it in the future.

Not surprisingly, gay organizers have taken offense at the comments.

Moscow Pride organizer Nikolai Alekseev replied to Luzhkov’s speech, saying:

We are shocked by the statements of Mr. Luzhkov that “gay pride is a Satanist happening” and consider them as personal insult against the organizers and potential participants of the gay pride. Such words in respect to huge number of homosexual people who live in Russia are not worthy of an official of such high standing.

You’re shocked? Really? Why? Luzhkov’s made his political and social leanings known, so his vehemence really should come as a surprise. As for being insulted – well, yes, being called a “satanist” ain’t the nicest thing, but think of all the other crude things he could have called you. Also, who’s to say some of the gays aren’t satanists? Sheesh, so narrow-minded…