Mommy dearest

Mother-of-ten burns a copy of Teen Vogue’s anal sex guide in amazing video meltdown

A vlogger who goes by the alias “The Activist Mommy” does not want anyone talking to teenagers about putting the pee pee where the poo poo comes out, so she’s made a video about it.

According to her official Facebook Page, which has over 180,000 followers, the Activist Mommy’s name is Elizabeth. She’s been married to her husband, Patrick, for 19 years and they have 10 kids together, who she home schools.

Her favorite hobbies include “watching her hubby wrestle with their kids in the living room floor, a clean house, Diet Sunkist, seeing her children succeed at life, and leading worship with her very musical family.”

She’s a devout follower of Jesus H. Christ and has done countless foreign missions, orphanage ministry, outreach to kids in troubled inner-city areas, backyard bible clubs, street ministry, pro-life rescue ministry, and public speaking.

In her latest vlog, Elizabeth, standing alone in the woods, goes on a two-minute tirade against Teen Vogue for a guide to anal sex it published in its June edition.

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“I cannot believe what this Teen Vogue piece of trash has printed!” Elizabeth rants. “They are teaching children how to be safely sodomized! They are teaching kids how to have anal intercourse! We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex.”

She then flips through the magazine, holding up the pages for viewers to see.

“Look at what’s in this magazine for teenagers. How to masturbate, all about homosexual sex, gender fluidity.”

Stumbling across a photograph of Lena Dunham, she adds: “Oh yeah, real role models for our teenagers!”

Then she tears pages from the magazine and throws them into an campfire whilst snarling, “These editors’ brains are in the gutter. Now let’s put their sales in the gutter where they belong. Don’t let your kids read garbage!”

Watch mommy have a meltdown below…