Mumbai Police Arrest Bollywood Actress, Others At Gay Party

Police in the Oshiwara area of Mumbai raided a gay party early Sunday morning and arrested 113 people with indecent behavior, including trans Bollywood actress Bobby Darling (left). The hosts were additionally charged with serving liquor and playing music without a permit.

“I just went to the party as a celebrity guest on a professional level and charged for it. I was not aware it was a gay party. I did not see any form of indecent behaviour,” said Darling, who’s appeared in films like Chalte Chalte and I Am In Love. “Someone paid the fine on my behalf. I went to the police station where my statement was recorded and then I left, Darling said. “I doubt the police would have taken such action had it not been a gay party.”

Via The Hindustani Times. Image via Filmi Tadka