Clogged Up

A murderer in Nigeria says he can’t be gay because he’s a plumber. Really.

Angus Nwankwo

In tragic if bizarre news, a Nigerian man convicted of murder claims he’s not gay after agreeing to have sex with a friend for ₦20,000. He claims instead he only wanted to rob the man of his money.

Angus Chukwuebuka Nwankw admitted he beat a Facebook friend to death in a robbery scheme gone wrong earlier this year. Nwankw had befriended the victim, identified only as Willswaggs, according to PinkNews. After more than a year of chatting on Facebook, Willswaggs offered Nwankw ₦20,000 for sex. He agreed.

At the same time, Nwankw contacted his brother Chidiebere Omeyi, who encouraged him to rob Willswaggs rather than go through with having sex. Nigeria has some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ laws in the world, where anyone convicted of an offense can face prison and death.

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Nwankw & Omeyi plotted to lure Willswaggs to their home and steal the ₦20,000. “That fateful day, I told my younger brother about my visitor and what we planned to do,” Nwankw told reporters. “I told him that once he sees us move inside the room, he should bang into the room. So, when I went inside with my Facebook friend, my brother banged inside the room after 10 minutes.”

“When my visitor realized that I planned with my brother to disrupt the lovemaking,” Nwankw continued, “he said he would not pay me the ₦20,000 unless we did what he came for. That led to quarrel and fight.”

Nwankw claims Willswaggs then tried to hit him with a stick. Nwankw then hit Willswaggs, who fell to the ground. Omeyi then burst into the room and held Willswaggs down while Nwankw beat him to death with the stick.

Rather than alert authorities, Nwankw and Omeyi dumped Willswaggs by the side of a brush path, though Nwankw later turned himself in for his crimes.

He further insisted that he cannot be gay or a prostitute, citing his plumbing apprenticeship as proof.