Musical Notes: Q Boy
In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new homo-hopper on the scene: QBoy. Well, not exactly new, but he may be new to you…

A bloke from Britannia, QBoy raps about his life, social injustice, and, of course, boys. Of gay musical stereotypes, he says:

A lot of gay people are rap-phobic… brought up in a culture where gay people are supposed to like Kylie Minogue or going to G.A.Y. (club), doing all that stereotypical bullshit…just because I like cock in my mouth doesn’t mean I’m going to like that sort of music.


Above, find the video for his single, “Q.B.O.Y. (Is Just So Fly).” Filmed right here in the lovely NYC by Australian filmmaker Jarrah Gurrie and Nicolas Wagner, we think it’s the perfect antidote for that mid-morning slump. Plus, we think QBoy’s cute…

If you like what you see, roll on over to QBoy’s myspace page or his homepage for more information, homie.