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$#*! My Dad Says Takes On Marriage, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, And Homomphobic Jokes In A Single Leap

CBS’s terribly unfunny Twitter-to-TV sitcom $#*! My Dad Says is at least doing one thing right: tackling the marriage inequality and the homophobia and the gays in the military! (Spoilers ahead.)

Houseboy Tim quits over Ed tolerating his Navy buddy’s anti-gay jokes. Ed tries to make nice. But he also learns why saying nothing is the same thing as engaging in homophobia, that being gay isn’t a “lifestyle,” and that breeders wear silly costumes too.

Problem solved! That’s the beauty of sitcoms: Conflict, resolution, and a “YMCA” sing-a-long in 19 minutes.

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  • alex

    I think Queerty is now officially an embarrassment to the LGBT community. Shouldn’t main stream shows that tackle homophobia be celebrated on a gay blog? Instead of doing that, Queerty writer Max Simon criticizes the show for resolving the conflict in one episode. It’s a sitcom; that’s what sitcoms do.

  • Kevin B

    @alex: You might want to read this article again.

  • Satire

    “Unfunny”. How sweet. You have an opinion. Pity you can’t write a report without expressing those opinions.

    I’ve an opinion too. Queerty has jumped the shark.

  • Dynex

    I actually like this show and find it pretty darn funny, as does my boyfriend. It’s our little weekly get together to watch along Top Chef on Bravo.

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