Nat’l Enquirer: “Feuding” Barbra Streisand And Gay Son Are All Kissy-Kissy Again

Back in April the National Enquirer ran a story claiming Barbra Streisand was feuding with her gay son, Jason Gould. The paper claimed the showbiz icon, 70, wanted her boy to “settle down with one guy” and give her some grandkids.

After the story ran, though, Streisand issued a “Truth Alert”  to call it out as a fib:

“I was just made aware of a ridiculous story in one of those weekly rags. This is just to say that the story is untrue in every respect, just unmitigated, sloppy, and malicious invention.  The madness of the constant inaccuracy of these publications is evidenced by the fact that in this recent story the main photo they use of ‘Jason’ is not even Jason!”

The Enquirer just issued a correction about the photo in its May 12 issue, but hasn’t back away from the original “feud” claim. Instead the paper said Mama and Baby Boy mended fences at her 70th birthday party in Malibu. Streisand allegedly credits John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston for the reunion: “Barbra is beyond grateful to John and Kelly for what they’ve done,” an “insider” tells the mag.

Hmm,  Babs wants Jason to settle down with a guy and have a kid and suddenly unabashed heterosexual John Travolta and totally-not-a-beard Kelly Preston appear on the scene?

We smell something fishy.

Source: Boy Culture