NC Lawmakers Want To Make It Legal For Hospitals To Deny Care To Gay People. Child Sacrifice, However, Shall Remain Illegal.

gays_not_welcomeAnd so it begins.

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are following in the footsteps of their bigoted peers in Indiana. A bill has been introduced in the North Carolina House and Senate mirroring Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill signed into law by Governor Mike Pence last Thursday. Only North Carolina wants to take it one step further.

Indiana’s draconian law gives business owners the legal right to pick and choose who they want to discriminate against based on their own religion. North Carolina’s law will extend that right to hospitals as well.

That’s right, if signed by Governor Pat McCrory, the law would allow gay people in North Carolina to be turned away or fired by shops, restaurants, hotels, schools and, yes, even hospitals. Because that whole Hippocratic Oath thing impedes upon doctors’ religious liberties. And gay people are gross.

“Nobody wants to see this. You’ve got a handful of legislators that are pushing this on the state of North Carolina,” Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality NC, told WNCN. “North Carolinians don’t want this, North Carolinians actually believe overwhelmingly in protections for LGBT and other people against discrimination.”

But Rep. Skip Stam (R-Wake), one of the bill’s sponsors, begs to differ.

“It’s what a lot of people came to North Carolina for originally, was to have religious freedom, at that time from the Church of England,” he told WNCN.

He also assured people they needn’t get too worked up over the matter. There will be stipulations to the bill that protect certain groups of people. For instance: “If you had a person who believes in child sacrifice as part of their religious principles,” he explained, “we’re not going to allow that.”

A person who believes in denying service or medical care to gay people as part of their religious principles, on the other hand, are perfectly, 100 percent acceptable.

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