Hilarious Indiana Travel Commercial Boasts “It’s A Great Place To Be A Bigot!”

It looks like the state of Indiana has a new catchphrase: “It’s a great place to be a bigot!” At least according to a travel commercial produced by the “Indiana Board of Terrible People.”

“Whether you’re a family of bigots, a couple of bigots, or just an individual bigot,” the video boasts, “you can explore Indiana Dunes State Park, tour the covered bridges of Park County, and shame and humiliate people who are different from you to your heart’s content.”

The video was released in response to Indiana Governor Mike Pence officially ending his political career when he signed a draconian law granting business owners the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians in the name of “religious freedom” yesterday.

Check out the hilarity below, and book your trip to Indiana today!

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  • TheNewEnergyDude

    It’s not mean if it’s true…

  • Heather Levick

    Arkansas too just waiting to hear…

  • David Conan

    I’ll go to indiana with some of my bitches and take over.

  • Axeman

    Ha!! Yes!

  • SpunkyBunks

    Well, there might be something positive that comes from this. Other states won’t be so stupid as to pass these type of laws once they see how major corporations will refuse to expand in Indiana. Also, this will wake people up around the country by showing them how they too could lose their personal rights in good ol’ America!

    The GOP may have officially just destroyed themselves at this point.

    I wonder if the NFL will feel pressure when their advertisers start to pull ads from Indianapolis Colts games. It’s coming…the gays are pissed!

  • John Andrew K. Carver

    North Carolina is not too far behind. Our governor and legislature is bought and paid for by Duke Power and the Koch brothers.

  • Evji108

    Indiana Wants Me, Lawd, I can’t go back There!

  • Joseph C Landis-Midnight

    Yeah, but Indiana can take all the flak first before the other states follow. My religion prevents me from assisting right wing evangelicals. Oh well.

  • Eric Carr

    Ruin Them Completely! MuHuhahahhahahhahaaaaa

  • Billy Budd

    They should put this on prime time television. Then it would make a difference.

  • jwtraveler

    I’d love to see a Saudi prince buy up all the shopping malls, supermarkets and drug stores in an Indiana county and then refuse to serve any woman who’s not wearing a burka and veil covering her face. The Indiana legislature would do a turnaround on the law so fast they’d get whiplash.

  • Bruce Dillon

    Where the LGBTQ rest-roons, lunch-counters and water fountains at?

  • blackberry finn

    It was funnier than I thought it was going to be hehe

  • Kieran

    Indiana is an exciting, thrilling place to visit….I mean if corn fields is your thing.

  • GayEGO

    And when this discrimination law fails, the GOPs who are waiting in other states to pass discriminatory laws will back down and change their tune, they don’t want to lose any more votes!

  • Desert Boy

    I was thrilled today to see non-other than Sir Charles Barkley has called on the NCAA to move out of Indiana over this bigot bill. Money talks. Mike Pence is an idiot.

  • Damon Robbins

    Indiana Governor Pence’s office can be reached at 317-232-4567 call to voice your disgust!

  • Gman23

    Do more than just call to voice your disgust, they don’t care!!!! about your disgust. Wake up bitches.

    Call on everyone of the charities you donate to and tell them that you will no longer be donating to them, unless they can prove that they can support you by speaking out against this type of legislation and discrimination. Money isn’t easy to come buy so why waste it on a charity that can’t support you. Send more of your money to LGBT organizations and tell the others respectuflly that they should save their money and stop soliciting from you unless they can prove to you they support you! It simple, they don’t have to spend a dime to support you, all they have to do is speak out on your behalf and tell everyone how they feel it is unacceptable. Money talks, bullshit walks!!!!!

  • polarisfashion

    I have sinned. I went to Indiana today for my great aunt’s funeral. After the burial service, I went with my dad, my grandma, and a second cousin to a small family restaurant. We ordered and a did eat the forbidden food. Does this mean I game going to gay hell?

  • polarisfashion

    * I did eat
    * am I going to gay hell?
    I wish we could edit our own posts after I hit the button!

  • BigGayMe

    @Evji108: Right!?!?!? I ran from there in 1991… Now I want to go back

  • nocibur61739

    So~o~o… Let’s put this into perspective, YOU can walk/ride/jog or whatever, down the street to your church OF CHOICE and not be turned away. EVEN if you ARE, there are OTHER churches to go to right? That’s what WE will do! You don’t want OUR business? Place a sign on your door to let us know and we WILL gladly go elsewhere. Simple…Then, if you happen to want to frequent a “business/establishment” and they state, “we do not serve YOUR kind” would you would feel uncomfortable about that? Well, tough it out. Be you str8, gay, black, white, jew, muslem, male, female etc……….Ponderous…sounds like $h1t no matter how you try to twist it to fit YOUR opinion.

  • Joe Thunder

    the people of Indiana don’t like it! This was only wanted by the Governor

  • Chip Byas-Ortega

    the people should impeach the governor if they did not want it…lets see if that happens…

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