Neil Patrick Harris Shows SNL How Gay Jokes Are Done

Most of the time when Saturday Night Live decides to go the gay humor route, it’s by way of embarrassing frat boy cliches. So it was surprisingly awesome to see when last week’s episode offered up some homo humor that laughed with us, not at us. It’s too soon to know if The Ambiguously Gay Duo has gone the way of the minstrel show just yet, but any episode that features Rachel Maddow impersonations, Neil Patrick Harris as host (in drag, as David Frost and making fun of himself as Mark from RENT), Liza Minelli cameos, Paul Lynde impersonations and a conclave of down-on-their-luck Broadway theatre archetypes is a-ok by us.

Roland Burris Cold Open with Rachel Maddow

How I Met Your Mother Monologue

Penelope: Therapy

Frost/Other People

Fran & Freba

Save Broadway

So, what do you think? Was it NPH’s influence that turned last week’s episode super-gay without being fey or do you think mainstream comedy is finally catching up with the times?