New Jersey Needs More Folks Like James Conover

James Conover writes in to local New Jersey paper The Current with the clarification that he is “Not the Soccer Coach”; there must be a local soccer coach with that name, too. Noted. But here’s where we won’t confuse Conover for someone else: In his eloquent, beautiful, and awesome attack on his fellow Jersey residents who refuse to support marriage equality.

Not surprisingly, I have yet to hear any substantive explanation, rationale, logic or expressed opinion (from Mr. Hasty) or anyone else on this singular topic since it was first published via Donald Prettyman’s incredulous letter of Nov. 4.

In response to Mr. Hastings’ rant of Dec. 9, the fact is the New Jersey Supreme Court has not ruled that polygamous relationships shall be afforded equal rights and protections. I was erroneously presumptive in thinking that he was aware that the Supreme Court had already concluded that same-sex relationships shall be afforded those same equal rights.

Since he overlooked this obvious fact, I would be remiss if I failed to point out that polygamy, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, incestuous relationships (or as he put it, “brother and sister, father and daughter, somebody already married”) and any other moronic combination he may think of, has no bearing nor relevance on this matter and is nothing more than the proverbial “red-herring” tossed about in a feeble attempt to discredit the simple truth of discriminatory practices promulgated by those that subscribe to the deluded anti-gay marriage philosophy.

As I previously stated, he is certainly entitled to form whatever opinion he wishes, based upon whatever biased, bigoted and homophobic (he said it first, I did not) preconceived notions he may rely upon, so long as they do not obfuscate or deny anyone else the same exact rights that have already been granted to him.

There’s more, and you should read it. James Conover, we salute you.