New Music From Lana Del Rey And Sam Sparro—And A Marilyn Manson/Johnny Depp Duet?!

Sam Sparro’s sophomore album, Return to Paradise, probably won’t see a U.S. release until this fall, but the singer has already released several singles. But the latest, “I Wish I Never Met You,” is the one we’ve been waiting for. At his recent live shows, Sparro has described Paradise as a break-up record disguised as a disco album, and “Never Met You” make no bones about putting heartache front and center. Thankfully it’s heartache you can dance to.

Feature Photo: Warner Bros.

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  • QJ201

    Stop trying to make Lana Del Rey happen.

  • Belize

    @QJ201: LOL. I didn’t know pop culture late-streamers/lame-streamers like you still exist.

    The woman has already happened whether you like it or not. Personally, I’m not a fan. But considering the controversy around the woman, Video Games, the mere fact that a major trash blog like Hipster Runoff actually had a mental breakdown due to her, the fact that her album has become number one on several countries, and the mere fact that debates about her have brought together the New Yorker, the Guardian, and Pitchfork in the same playing field as other dispensable “culture” blogs, the damn “happening” was too vicious that I’m sure even someone living under a rock like you wouldn’t be able to deny it. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know that THAT was happening around you.

    Also, I find it funny whenever cultural noobs with their little blogs cause a raucous saying that the woman is a flash in the pan. LOL. Newsflash late bloomers/lame-bloomers, American Idol and Glee aren’t the only places where you can find “new” music.

    Yes. This tirade means that I think I’m better than all of you. INCLUDING YOU JAYKAY.

  • QJ201

    @Belize: Thanks for the personal attack. And you are only better than me if you are built like a brick shithouse, can complete a NY times crossword in ten minutes and have a 9 inch dick.

  • /\rfool

    sorry but i hate using this line but,’indie shit’

  • Aric

    Lana Del Rey has sold now close to two million copies worldwide with no iconic TV performance or hit single.

    She sold those records off her image alone. Imagine if she did have a massively successful single in the US as her debut single. She would probably be clocking in 4 million+ now.

  • mattsy

    Long Live Lana Del Rey!! Her performance on SNL was shaky, but also campy & memorable. Love huh!!

  • JW

    Sam Sparro’s song is reasonably enjoyable but I do hate it when artists (or Glee) impersonate Michael Jackson badly. That was some uber-stiff dancing.

  • Kayak

    @QJ201: She is happening sweetheart, maybe not in the loudspeakers in your house, but she is.

  • Kayak

    Am I the only one who shivers at the word ‘hipster’?

  • me

    Queen Lana having haters pressed every where.

    Only a bad Bitch.

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  • n900mixalot

    lana del who? That song was terrible and the sixties were tacky. Trying to make them look … however they were trying to get them to look didn’t work.


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