New Obama Ad Attacks McCain’s Economic Deficiency, Palin

Barack Obama took a double-shot at John McCain’s campaign today.

This commercial, entitled “His Choice,” first highlights Republican McCain’s repeated admissions that he’s not that great with the economy. Those policy decisions, he once said, will be made by his vice-president, which leads to the titular line and a shot of Sarah Palin winking.

Vice-presidential candidates aren’t typically attacked in campaign ads, but apparently Obama thinks that Palin, with her scads of bad press, is a ripe target. Fair enough, although we have to admit this advert left a bit of a bad taste in our mouth.

It’s not simply the fact that Palin’s painted as a bit of a dolt, a sentiment with which we agree, but that she’s presented as a dismissive character, not an attitude to take with only the second female running mate in American history. But, what do we know? We’re not campaign managers…

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  • fredo777


    Considering her “pallin’ around with terrorists” + (hypocritical, btw) “socialist…spread the wealth” lines, I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth at all after seeing this ad.

    Fair game as far as I’m concerned.

  • CondeNasty

    I don’t think it is bad at all. It simply uses his words against him. I do, however, see how the right will turn this into the sexist Talking Barbie “Math is hard” scenario…

  • Jonathan

    That left a bad taste in your mouth? That’s pretty darn classy for an attack ad. That Nothing false about it. No dark, grainy pictures of Palin. Just allowing McCain to hoist himself on his own petard…

  • Nitesurf

    Palin is nothing BUT a character to be dismissed entirely.


    I sense a little celebrity envy(in Hussein’s case Messiah complex envy) on his part for the good governor from the great state of Alaska.

    He can’t stop lying, not even when his coronation is so eminent.

    *Wink ;)

  • fredo777

    The fact that she is loved by douchebags the world over, including Heidi, Spencer, Lizzie Hasselbeck, + that entity commenting @ #5 doesn’t surprise me, either.

  • waffle twat

    Don’t be such a damned namby-pamby librul bedwetter. This ad isn’t half as nasty as the bile the McCain/Palin campaign’s been heaving. Bad taste in your mouth, my ass.

  • richardmirwin

    I thought you guys at Queerty were going to reassign churchcreepy to a skinhead neo nazi site where he could be more at home with the likes of mensor. do we really need a homophobic racist creep on this site? what… for balance? give us all a break.

  • Rob

    Yesterday at a McCain/Palin rally that aired live on CNN, Palin mentioned Obama and someone in the crowd yelled, “He’s a n****r!”

    Palin paused and her facial expression clearly indicated that she heard what the person said, yet, instead of correcting the racist asshole in the crowd, said nothing.

    That leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Stop pandering to this scum!

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