New Obama Ad Attacks McCain’s Economic Deficiency, Palin

Barack Obama took a double-shot at John McCain’s campaign today.

This commercial, entitled “His Choice,” first highlights Republican McCain’s repeated admissions that he’s not that great with the economy. Those policy decisions, he once said, will be made by his vice-president, which leads to the titular line and a shot of Sarah Palin winking.

Vice-presidential candidates aren’t typically attacked in campaign ads, but apparently Obama thinks that Palin, with her scads of bad press, is a ripe target. Fair enough, although we have to admit this advert left a bit of a bad taste in our mouth.

It’s not simply the fact that Palin’s painted as a bit of a dolt, a sentiment with which we agree, but that she’s presented as a dismissive character, not an attitude to take with only the second female running mate in American history. But, what do we know? We’re not campaign managers…