New Scouting Organization Launches, Will Not Admit “Boys Who Act Like Girls”

130906-faith-scouts-jsw-03.photoblog600Ever since those pesky liberals forced the Boy Scouts of America to adopt a nondiscrimination policy to allow gay youth to serve among their ranks, things just haven’t been the same. Where on Earth can you take your child to get a good, hateful education in the wilderness these days?

Fear not. Your options are growing, as the movement to create more Boy Scout-esque organizations that openly discriminate against gay youth is on the rise.

At an event in Nashville this weekend, more than 1,000 people celebrated the launch of the latest hate Christian organization to defect from the Boy Scouts of America, Trail Life USA. The event, which welcomed former AK Gov. Mike Huckabee (but not reporters) unveiled the group’s name and logo, along with a solid mission statement:

“Trail Life USA will be inclusive of boys, regardless of religion, race, national origin or socioeconomic status, and accept boys who are experiencing same-sex attractions or gender confusion.”

But don’t get it twisted. Gays still aren’t allowed:

“However, it will not admit youth who are open or avowed about their homosexuality, and it will not admit boys who are not ‘biologically male’ or boys who wish to dress and act like girls.”

According to the BSA, more than 70% of Scout chapters are chartered by religious organizations. In lieu of remaining affiliated with the BSA after the new anti-discrimination policy goes into effect early next year, they’ve started to create their own organizations.