Mind the age gap

New short film starring Craig Chester examines the generational divide between gay men

Filmmaker Jordan Firstman (The Disgustings) dated a lot of older guys in his twenties.

“There’s an ocean of difference between people who lived through AIDS and people who didn’t,” he tells Out

“We’re all expected to understand each other, but with straight people there isn’t that expectation — old and young straight people aren’t expected to get each other.”

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Firstman’s new short film Call Your Father revolves around middle-aged, mild-mannered Greg (Craig Chester) and young, brash “aspiring poet” Josh (played by Firstman). The two men go on a date and quickly discover the generational divide is the least of their problems.

“I had written both the characters as versions of myself,” Firstman tells Out. “I’d just turned 25 and felt like I was over the phase of my life where I was a young, impulsive asshole making bad decisions all the time. But I wasn’t ready to be old and boring yet. So I wrote both characters as the worst case scenario of both those things.”