What lies beneath

This new underwear was designed to save your “love muscle.” We’re confused and titillated.

Picture it: Underwear specifically designed to give you a more powerful erection.

Sound fishy? Snake oily? Perhaps. Nevertheless, that’s the elevator pitch for VylyV; underwear that aims to enhance your “most precious gift — the love muscle.”

As NewNowNext points out, this new training underwear allegedly bolsters the pelvic floor, a little-known part of your anatomy that dictates prostate health, strength of erections, and more.

This mysterious, entirely unpronounceable company is issuing a stern warning: you are failing to pay enough attention to this important part of the male anatomy. (Sure about that, VylyV?)

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Their underwear promises to keep your pelvic floor strong and strengthen core muscles, thus improving your overall sexual health.

Apparently, the underwear contains a built-in sensor that monitors the barest contraction of muscles. Once synced to an app, you’ll be provided a workout plan tailored to your particularly needs that will inspire you to do daily exercises that bolster the pelvic floor.

In just one month, this magic underwear promises to “raise the angle and increase the hardness of your erection,” and after six months it promises to improve the health of your prostate and “unlock the secret to multiple orgasms.”


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