The deep end

Insanely handsome model offers wincingly thorough primer on putting on a swimsuit

The donning of a swimming costume.

From the outside looking in, it looks like any Joe Six-Pack could succeed without a hitch, no problemo.

It’s only when you start digging into the nitty-gritty — the nuts and bolts, as it were — and putting them one by one under the oscilloscope that you begin to really see that this is no child’s game.

Rather, it’s a feat of cutthroat derring-do that’s neither for the faint-of-heart nor decidedly butterfingered.

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Prowess is essential: a mercenary’s attention to detail and commitment to patience; a Swiss horologist’s devotion to precision and steady-handiness; the cunning slink of a furious cheetah; and probably even the mighty heart of a lion.

Blueseventy, a company specializing in triathlon gear, has just produced a highly thorough primer on the best way to slide into their new Nero R10 jammer (which retails at $340.)

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How to negotiate the welded streamline seams? The highly hydrophobic copper fabric? What’s the smartest strategy for casually insinuating yourself into the double-layered leg panels without suffering injury or even death? Any pointers on how to not get all bunched up in the 3D mid-waist design? Is he totally flirting with us?

All the answers are about to be revealed: