New York’s New Gay Sports Bar That Doesn’t Want You Drag Queens

Boxers NYC, a new gay bar in, uh, NYC, on West 20th Street, “is strictly for real men” writes Michael Musto. But general manager Steven Wright says the word “Boxers” in the title refers not to jumping into the ring, but underwear. The manly kind that has no elastic anything except in the waistband. It’s a mantra for the whole place: machismo in, faggotry out. So don’t come dressed in drag, ok?

But no matter what the night, they’re catering to gay sports leagues and, apparently, the basic locker-room thinking that goes with that. “This place is a drag-free zone because it’s about men,” Wright weirdly bragged. Really? But drag queens happen to be men—they just wear dresses (sometimes over boxers). Plus they usually liven up a party—a lot—and one of them, any of them, would have been welcome right at that moment. Would Boxers NYC actually turn away a drag queen at the door? “No,” Wright conceded, “but we’re not gonna have them hosting any of our shows.” Welcome to the gay community, where you go to escape the oppression of the outside world.

Check back with us when your nightly receipts are in the toilet, and drag queens are the least of your problems.