NEWS: Jolie Is Maleficent Matt Zarley For President, GLAAD Honors Chaz, And More!

It’s official: Angelia Jolie will play Maleficent, the wicked sorceress in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The film will start filming in June and is expected to have a March 2014 release.  “It’s a really great script. I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve already got my horns fitted. My kids are very happy,” says Jolie. (We still want Sharon Needles in the role!) [Entertainment Weekly]

Belgian designer Raf Simons, 44, has been named the new artistic director at Christian Dior, replacing John Galliano, whose exit from the venerated couture house was preceded by a drunken, racist rant last year. “One of the greatest current talents, [Simons] will inspire and propel into the 21st century the style carried on by Dior maison since its creation in 1946,” a spokesperson for the company said in a release.  [Chicago Sun-Times]


Trans personality Chaz Bono will receive the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the GLAAD Media Awards on April 21 in  Los Angeles. “While I don’t feel like a role model,” says Bono. “I hope that by sharing my story… I can help open hearts and minds on what it’s like to be a transgender person and the issues our community faces.” [GLAAD]

It’s being billed as the first animated lesbian feature in history (not including Little Mermaid, of course): Strange Frame will debut at the Sci-Fi London film festival on May 3. The film, by GB Hajim and Shelly Doty, is about a sax player and her tumultuous relationship with a genetically-engineered pop diva. Ain’t it always the way?


Is America ready for a gay President? Singer Matt Zarley plays a closeted POTUS in his video for his new song, “Trust Me.” Is it coincidence Rick Santorum dropped out of the race right as this tableau about a sweater-vest-wearing closet-case candidate surfaces? Don’t be so naive. []

Photos: Raf Simons, Walt Disney Co, Strange Frame

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