Nicki Minaj Will Continue Playing Bi-Curious If You Let Her

Remember when Nicki Minaj, and her handlers, went to great lengths to convince an adoring public that the up-and-coming rap-pop star might have a thing for the ladies? LOLZ!, Minaj quips, now that she’s on her road to snowballing fame. “I don’t know where people got this really insane, hilarious, random rumour that she and I were living together,” she says of the Internet rumors that she and Rihanna are an item. Not that she’s done fanning the flames of non-heterosexuality. “We’re not getting cosy. I mean, we’re not getting cosy yet,” she added during a radio interview. “There is a possibility because she’s just like a bad ass. You never know. That would be like a crazy power couple right now.”

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  • John

    Lil Kim is The Queen of Rap.

  • Kevin

    @John: Small typo: her name is spelled “Missy Elliott”

  • Ernest

    Lil Kim was the Queen of rap now she looks like a QUEEN with a botched plastic surgery job! Nicki got that swagg and she changin the game she got it on cruise control cuz ain’t nobody touching her! She got girls dressing like her, actin like her, tattooin Barbie on themselves. lol outrageous I love it! SMH what has KIM done? besides get all that cum pumped out of her stomach?

  • globo

    God to each its own, but im tired of the “bisexual” card, if you’re not queer then just leave it like that! i know we’re pretty cool and all that but if you werent born with it just leave us alone trying to get press out of us.

  • ewe

    Isn’t that rihanna girl a minor? I think she had better be very careful.

  • Nate

    I May be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure Rihanna is not a minor ;)

  • testington

    Nicky Minaj sucks, her rap skills are really overrated and her trading on the bisexual thing just to get publicity is really offensive. It degrades all true bisexuals for the media to be promoting a woman who is just saying things to play into straight male porn style girl on girl fantasies.

  • Travon F.

    @ewe: rihanna is 21 yrs old

  • Ealan75

    Whatev- in a year, we’ll all be saying “Nicky who??”

    What annoys me to know end are the fools who are hooked on this might be a little bit bi” routine that this girl trots out everytime she needs a little attention. It’s so clearly not the case (she’s admitted it was just a way to market herself early on in her career), but she keeps hinting around it and the public keeps buying into it. Ugh, ppl can be so gullible.

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