Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!

Nigerian Princes Now Targeting Lucrative Gay Market

We love our InBox. Every day it’s a treasure trove of magical news from around the globe, useful tips, angry rants about how we’re closeted Mormons and spam–so much delicious, yummy spam.

Normally, we are all “Deleted!”, but a missive from Mr. Koffi Acthin Franck Herve caught our attention. It goes a little like this:


We are an association of homosexual called AJHCI resident in Ivory Coast we’ve decided to write because we are convinced that you are likely to help us.

We decided last year to set up a project (construction of a workshop on cassava processing of cassava flour) to be free from want

We are looking for funds that can help us realize this project we would like a heart and serar probably an opportunity for us to rebuild everything as it should be noted that we have lost everything since the war because we were a bases Bouake .

But short term we would like you help a school (the rentree is ongoing) our friends who have no apppui because of their sexual orientation.
what we need for this year amounts to CFAF 480 000 or 739 euros.

I hope this email will your attention.dans pending a favorable Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

franck herve
president ajhci
tel 00225 01149508

That’s right, we’re now getting email scams targeted to the gay community! Oh sure, Budwiser ads with two dudes staring at each others ass is one thing, but when you start getting poorly-written requests for euros from Africa, you know you’ve hit the big time.

Of course now our InBox is going to be cluttered with angry emails telling us how they personally know Franck Herve, how he’s the Harvey Milk of Africa (we’re working that movie in as much as we can today) and that only a horrible closeted-Mormon would make fun of “an association of homosexual called AJHCI”.

Just kidding. We checked: It’s a scam— a wonderful thoughtfully gay-targeted scam.