NOM Moves To Bizarro World, Sees Future Of Anti-Equality Movement As “Bright”

We don’t know what kind of kind bud the folks at the National Organization for Marriage get their hands on, but we’d really like a drag. In a discussion with PBS NewsHour‘s Ray Suarez, NOM’s Thomas Peters made it clear he thinks his group is “winning” (in a totally Charlie Sheen psychotic-break kind of way).

Suarez: “Aren’t you standing on shifting sand? Given the momentum of the polls, given the momentum of the legal challenges, the losses in various federal appellate courts, the changes in various state laws, maybe you’ll win tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but are you fighting against an inevitability?”

Peters: “No for two important reasons: First of all, I believe in the truth of my pro-marriage views, just as the other side does, and people who have those deep-seated convictions don’t look at the changing tides wherever they may be they fight for what’s true and what’s right. Second of all, I think it’s amazing with all of the cultural forces tying to redefine marriage that we’re still here in 2012 just barely seeing some footholds gained in deep blue states. I think the future of the marriage movement is bright and ultimately I don’t believe history moves in one direction.”

“Look, over there—it’s a bald eagle!” Sorry, what were we talking about?

NOM and it’s ilk will continue to mine silk from a sow’s ear so long as they have a platform to bullshit from. So, really, the bad guy here is PBSNewsHour, for even having NOM on to discuss their election takeaway. Every time the media gives these fringe idiots airtime, they’re giving them legitimacy they haven’t earned.