Not Even Chiefs Fans Want to Keep Fag Tweeter Larry Johnson


Larry Johnson, the Kansas City Chiefs running back suspended for just one gay that cost him $300k for using the F-word on Twitter, isn’t just an enemy of the gays. He’s an enemy of regular old Chiefs fans.

That’s because Johnson is just 80 yards away from taking over Priest Holmes’s record as the Chiefs’ all-time leading rusher. Which has some fans petitioning the team to “deactivate” Johnson before he can claim the record. According to a nearly 28,000-strong petition:

We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson. Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history. He needs a mere 80 yards to surpass Priest. He doesn’t deserve that opportunity. He has never represented anything close to the values that we have for our Chiefs and it would be another dagger to the fans that continue to support this proud franchise.

Interestingly, the petition was pointed out by Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner sports blogger Matthew J. Darnell, who says, “It’s a nice notion, trying to protect the record book from someone who isn’t believed to have the character of others in there before him. It’s easy to see where petitioners are coming from, and their devotion to a proud Chiefs history is commendable. If it were my team, though, and some disreputable character was about to put his name in my team’s record book … I don’t think I’d sign a similar petition. At the end of the day, what’s most important to me is that the team is doing its best to win football games.”

Yeah, even if they’re bigots.